Valentine Giveaway Winner!

I am ready for the sun to warm my hair and for my bare legs to see the light of day! The snow finally melts and more snow falls and this California girl has just about had enough. I know I should be enjoying what it is and not wishing for warmer days yet...but I can't help myself. I've already seen the promise of bulb flowers pushing through the rotting leaves in our backyard.

In other news....

Kalee! You're the winner!

"My husband and I "met" in the 8th grade. I don't remember him, but he thought I was the most beautiful thing (I was new to his town). Four years later we were going to prom as friends, awkward together, but we became best friends. My entire family wanted me to date him but I didn't see him that way and constantly told them to "get over it". Four years after that we began dating, a few months in he proposed and five years after we first got to know one another while being set up as prom dates, we were married! (five is a lucky number for us) Three years later we're still driving each other batty, but absolutely crazy about one another. My grandmama never fails to remind me she "picked a good one" (she used to bug me about him the most!)."

E-mail me your address and I'll get these pretty needle points in the mail.

Thank you for everyone who took a few moments to share such personal stories on that post. I really enjoyed reading each one and wonder at the ways so many stories have such unique plot lines. Anna's story about three generations meeting at the same bar?! Crazy!




Anna said...

I'm glad you liked my family's semi-whitetrash lovestory. Hope you had a fantastic valentines day and Congrats to Kalee!

Allyson said...

I love the winner's story! My mom always reminds me she picked my boyfriend out 3 years ago, haha!

RachelDenbow said...


No, I think it's so fantastic that all three generations of your family met there! It's insane how that happened, but in the most fantastic way. It was kind of my favorite story;)

Kristen said...

Rachel you still owe us your story!!

Good Girls Studio said...

Sweet story..congrats to Kalee!

RachelDenbow said...

story coming soon! i promise!