Creative Mom Interview on Evie S.

Evie is doing a series called Creative Mom Interviews and I was thrilled to be included in such a lovely group of ladies, many of whom I admire. It always makes me feel like I'm doing something right when I hear other creative moms voice the same joys and challenges of motherhood. Thanks, Evie, for such a lovely series and for including me!

I'm warning you now that your blog roll will probably expand if you stop by and read a few.


Gingiber said...

Good for you! You definitely are quite the inspiring, creative mom!

cara. said...

high fives!

thanks for this.

Meg said...

that was a fun read -- congrats for being featured! you are definitely deserving.

lili est folle said...

your blog is always very inspiring!! This interview really desrved you!!

Alely L. said...

loved that! glad i found your blog. i can't wait to peruse through it. it's very loveLee!