Presto Chango - New Highchair Cover

Ruby is more than ready to eat solids so after a couple of tricky sessions in her car seat I dug the high chair out of the closet and reassembled it. It's a wooden Eddie Bauer chair that we used with Sebastian and the cover was still in good shape but I can't easily pass up an opportunity to customize something with pretty vintage fabric.

I used the old seat cushion as my pattern and remade my new one from vintage fabric that an online friend sent, as well as some Kona cotton and remnants of a sheet set from Target. I added two layers of thin batting for some cushion and quilted it together to give it some structure. I skipped the hard step of measuring my lines and just free handed it so not everything is perfect but Ruby isn't concerned about my lines.

I skipped the hard step of making fabric ties and just used grosgrain ribbon. It's completely machine washable and was such a satisfying afternoon sewing project.

I have step by step instructions on how I did it available for posting if anyone has the same high chair or just needs a visual on how to put it together but based on your own seat's measurements.

In other news, Brett and I attended our first live radio show this morning. We were given tickets to Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know? show on NPR by Brett's mom for our birthdays and not only enjoyed the show but the chance to ride the Vespa there together! It was great. Thanks, Cheryl and Brittany!



Meg said...

ohh it's so darling! i love the fabric. i didn't realize you could get wooden high chairs - snazzy!

the whyte's said...

so cute!! i really could have used these ideas when i had my babies. almost makes me wanna have another kid. almost. :)

and happy mother's day to you!!

Mim Smith Faro said...

I want to see a picture of the two of you on the vespa ;)

Waldeck Dry Goods said...

Love it! We have the same high chair (used it for our first kiddo). Simon, our 9-week-old, would LOVE a new cover for the chair for when he's ready to use it. I'd like to see how you did it. =) Happy Mother's Day!

melfire6 said...

great cover :)

how cool, i was listening to the show yest and when i realized it was in Missouri i thought about you and Elsie out there.

Happy Mothers Day!

Holly S said...

This is so much cuter than that standard blue one! Love it!

Anonymous said...

SO cute!!!! Yes please to instructions! I have a wooden vintage highchair that needs a little somethin somethin :)

Common Threads said...

so nice! another "if i had the time" item...how do you do it all with 2 little ones? i have 2 under 2 and it is hectic....but great! :)
happy mothers day!

Anonymous said...

i am so impressed! one of my favorite things i've seen you make!!!! adorable.

RachelDenbow said...

Thank you, everyone.


Almost four year olds make it a little easier to get some work done.

Jeannie said...

Ruby is like the most stylin' baby ever. She even has a rocksauce highchair!! It is so freaking cute! Great job Rachel! And happy mother's day!!! :)

MandiCoulter said...

i guess you are right rachel! :) anyways, great work!
(common threads)

faith buss said...

So here's a crazy story. I live in Shawnee. I went to Brad Carter's garage sale this weekend and bought a clipboard for 25 cents. He looked at me funny. I said "they make nice frames". He said "my friend Rachel does that".

It's you. Small world.

I'd love to see the step by step. I have that same high chair and my baby girl needs rid of the Eddie Bauer cover!

RachelDenbow said...

EEK! We love Brad and Alicja! Everytime we hang out with them, which isn't often enough anymore, we are laughing our heads off. Some of my favorite people.

Are you native to Shawnee? Do you often go down to the flea market on the corner by the tracks on Main Street? It's my favorite there!

faith buss said...

I grew up in Seminole, went to OBU, moved away and am back to Shawnee.

Are you talking about Green's Corner? Love that place. Look what I found there for $50!!! My favorite find EVER!

(The metal cabinet at the end of this post...)


Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

We do have that same chair and I took the cover off because I didn't like it, and it just kept getting covered in food.
I would love to see a tutorial if you wouldn't mind sharing! That way I could make a few to have on hand so if one got dirty another woudl be ready to go.


Holly Myers said...

Love it! And would love to see the step by step directions. We have that high chair and would love to create a new cover for our next baby!

Erin said...

Saw you on Apartment Therapy - LOVE this idea. I currently have sketched out a high chair cover very similar to this one for my vintage wooden high chair but just can't make the leap to cutting out the fabric. Would love to see how you put yours together!

Miriam said...

My sister-in-law just gave this exact highchair sans cover this weekend. I'd love to know how to make my own since my little girl could use a little cushion in this chair. Thanks!