Retro Beauty School by Miss Elsie Flannigan

The lovely Elsie Flannigan is offering a new E-Course all about personal fashion style! Her latest class includes 10 sessions that utilize video lessons, step-by-step photos, and articles covering topics like '3 Thrifty Makovers', '10 Pretty Ideas for Under $10', 'Step by Step Hairstyle Guide: 1960's Bump and 1970's Curls' and 'Vintage Shopping Tips for Pros'! Find out all the details in this post and then head over here to join in. This new class is perfect for anyone interested in developing their own vintage style!

We're in Southern Missouri this weekend letting my 16 year old SIL drive us around in the van with hip hop and pop music blaring. With a trip down to the Springs and Sonic drinks for all, it's been a pretty fun weekend. Be back soon.



garcia.sol said...
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garcia.sol said...

ooops...what I meant to say was that sounds like an awesome idea! I could definitely do with a style revival! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
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Miki's scrapbook said...

This sounds super interesting! I'll check it out!

Hope you're having a great week!

Hug! =)