Friday, You Are Just In Time!


It's the last weekend before school starts for my boys so I plan on being absent from this online space as much as possible in order to enjoy this transition. I also have to clean a whole box of Quaker Oats out of a chair, make a cot blanket, attend to the neglected housework, and make sure my son has learned NOT to dump three whole rolls of toilet paper into the bowl again. OR ELSE.

I plan on pairing it with an iced latte or two and a trip to the thrift stores to find myself a hat rack. I hope your weekend plans are more lovely than you expect they'll be.



Teena said...

Enjoy the rest of your summer moments! what a cute pic!

ButterPeanut said...

I like your attitude towards a busy time -- enjoy your weekend!

bare WUNDERBAR said...

Your blog is looking absolutely amazing..! I´ll take a look around.. put you on my blogroll..
kh Rakel.

O. said...

Back to school reminds me the summer is coming to an end and weekends become cherished a bit more. Hope you have a great one.

jdavissquared said...

just saw this in etsy's alchemy section:


look familiar? ;)

See Me Everywhere said...

Sounds like you have some fun times ahead :P


RachelDenbow said...

Ha! That's funny! I'm kind of more amused that she's only wanting to pay someone $25 to make one.

Danielle said...

Hi Rachel,
I've been reading your blog for a while and I would just like to say your are pretty much my favourite blogger ever, you seem so down to Earth and such a good mom and crafter too! i really admire you determination and skills! Your little family is lovely and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!!

Love Missy

Amanda Medlin said...

So I just found your blog and I LOVE you! Your hair is amazing and so is your house. I am so inspired!