Front Porch Buffet

I got to spend a lovely afternoon with my kids working in our front yard on Labor Day after a fun lunch/froyo date with the RVA girls. The weather was warm but breezy and everyone kept themselves occupied with something long enough for me to transfer flowers to pots and fertilize and add mulch to the elephant ears.

Fall Front Porch

Our front porch has had some foliage on it all spring and summer but nothing too exciting. The last two years we've been at this house our neighbors have brought mums over from an event that were extra and we've always enjoyed them. This year, however, I've jumped the gun because I want to enjoy these fall flowers as long as the weather allows. I picked up a few new pots on sale that coordinated with what I had and some potting soil and got to work. It didn't take long for Ruby to appear by my side to investigate.

It wasn't long before she'd gotten a hold of some blooms and proceeded to pick the petals off and spread them around the porch. We had a lesson in gently touching the flowers (above) but as soon as I removed my hand her gentle touch turned into an enthusiastic grab and pluck.

And then a taste test before she was removed from the premises.

Not Interested

This is how she felt about her relocation.

Fall Front Porch

As Sebastian would say, "It's fun to try new things!"


I hope your weekend was memorable.

EDITED: Thanks to a concerned reader, I am now fully aware that the leaves and stalks of Mums are toxic to children. I'm not sure that the petals are harmful but that was Ruby's last snack on the front porch!


Unknown said...

Such precious pictures. Definite black and white framers! :)

Elizabeth said...

this is too funny :) and sebastian's quote is excellent!

Ali said...

not to be a total debbie downer but im not sure mums are safe to eat. Ruby is super cute though :)

bare WUNDERBAR said...

Those little feets, toes and hands.. I have a toodler about the same age, he has the most adorable little fingers and hands as well.. I posted a picture at my blog the other day with a pic of his hand in mine.. I love that pic... :)
Have a nice day..

Emma (My Red Wellies) said...

Lovely pictures, at least Ruby chose flowers to taste. My Ian prefered the delicious prickly taste of pine cones!

Anonymous said...

Aw - little foot! :) You are a great photographer!!! I love that middle pot up the stairs too - just gorgeous!

RachelDenbow said...


Thank you for the heads up! YIKES. She didn't actually eat any of them yesterday, just get them in her mouth. I promptly swabbed them out after taking photos because I normally don't enjoy her eating non-food related things but now I will be extra aware that she doesn't get near them.

Gingiber said...

I love how you always have seasonal flowers! I do not even attempt plants because they would fall to the end of my priority list.

Victoria Rosas said...

So adorable! now eating flowers seem so interesting to me:3

Sarah Rhodes said...

plenty of edible flowers though, like Marigolds! http://whatscookingamerica.net/EdibleFlowers/EdibleFlowersMain.htm

melissa said...

i find it hard to tell avery not to do something that is harmful, b/c it's so cute!
like when he tries to eat rocks for example...
cute pics!

Diana Martin said...

So, so sweet.....thanks for the giggle ;) xo

Gussy Sews said...

such cute little feetsies! :]

Laura said...

Aww she's gorgeous! Beautiful eyes and feetsies too!