Small Craft Starts Monday, September 13th!

This weekend is your last chance to sign up for our latest online handmade class, Small Craft! We've got the schedule and supply list posted on our private blog for those who have already joined us so that you can have all of your materials ready for our first week of fantastic projects! I'm excited about having so many creative mamas, aunties, etc. all in one place and I can imagine we'll all be adding a few new blogs and twitter feeds to our lists.

One of my favorite parts about our online classes is the new friendships that come out of the gathering of people who all 'get it'. It's always refreshing to find other people who understand exactly why you need to stay in and work on your granny square afghan or that you save old t-shirts so you can turn them into t-shirt yarn because...don't you know there are like SO many things you can make out of t-shirt yarn!

I hope you and the little ones in your life can join the rest of us for six weeks of fun and bonding! It is the total cure for that itch to make stuff once the weather turns colder.

See you there!


p.s. photo by Elsie.


Jari said...

yay! can't wait!
and yes... the crafts are super fun and lovely, but the friendships are amazing. thank you so much for getting us all together again.

julia said...

Yay, I did it, I just signed up! Taking the risk I cannot finish it because the due date is scheduled in 7 weeks ;)

K E Fleck said...

I'm so excited for Small Craft - my treat to myself!

I've been blown away by the line up of projects and am looking forward to digging in :-)

Best Wishes, Kara

Kristen said...

Cant wait to see all your goodies!! I stopped by Elsie's booth yesterday at Renegade and told her how much I love both of your blogs!

alix said...

This is SUCH a great idea!!! If I wasn't working my bunz off in Prague for the next 2 weeks I would have signed up fo sho.....(that sounds so name droppin' huh....I'M IN PRAGUE!!!! DID I TELL YOU??? hahaha but i've never been and I'm so excited!!)

Please give us updates on your cool class!!!