In Transit

Fall Paraphernalia
The kids and I took a last minute trip to OKC to see my parents and both sets of my grandparents for the weekend while Brett had drill and worked on three major projects for school. We're headed back home this afternoon. I stopped at all of my favorite flea markets/thrift shops in all of my favorite places and found some lovelies including ANOTHER vintage globe in excellent condition, tons of pretty little linens for one of the projects I shouldn't be starting, and some sweet vintage jewelry. I'll do a show and tell soon!

My goals for the week are to let myself go to bed an hour early each night, finish up Small Craft tutorials a few days ahead of time, and to schedule some activities for us to do as a family to celebrate the changing seasons. Apple picking is one of them! I've also started thinking about a certain little girls' first birthday party that is suddenly just around the corner. (Wasn't she just born!)

I hope your weekend was swell! I can't wait to hear how Renegade went from Elsie and Katie and I'm looking forward to having coffee with one of my favorite New Yorkers!



Little Paper Trees said...

oh apple picking sounds amazing, wish it were Fall in Australia but alas summer is here instead!

Brianna! said...

you are just the most adorable little mamma!
which I'm sure you already knew.

but wanted to reassure you.

Mandy Ford Art & Illustration said...

I'm super excited about fall activities with my boys this year too. I can't wait to take them to the orchard and pick out pumpkins :) (or "punkakes" as my Ben calls them). And I have those same acorns in a bowl on my dining room table!

margot said...

i am super excited for coffee toooooo! happy fall!

skunkboy said...

Can't wait to get back and share! We have some amazing stories. ;)

jooleedoh said...

omg, i was just in OKC saturday!! but i do not have a clue about the vintage shops. you should tell me where i need to go!

i went specifically for the handmade boutiques there. amazing stores if you don't know about them.

Ambershoemac@gmail.com said...

FYI: I LOVE your blog. I discovered it while on maternity leave with my daughter (her name is Ruby too) and now I am hooked.

I am an Okie and we are going the whole stay-cation route in an effort to save money. Anyway, I would love where you pick up all of your lovely vintage when in Oklahoma but I understand if you want to keep them to yourself.

Mandolin said...

i also want to know what thrift/antique stores you frequent in OKC. i try to go with my friend david at least twice a month and we are always on the lookout for some new places to check out. i would appreciate it if you would share but if not i understand!

Gingiber said...

Okay, I totally have that wooden acorn too! I officially feel like a cool kid.