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Making Sebastian's Room Look Like Christmas Time

Giveaway Package #2 Winner

angela said...

I like going for a long walk after a big Thanksgiving meal or doing any physical activity. There's nothing that makes me feel more uncomfortable than a big food baby in my tummy!

Giveaway Package #1 Winner

Kelly said...

Cheese Potatoes. On Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July, and any other holiday that I can somehow incorporate a huge pan of them into :)


The Rice Babies Winner

jen said...

oh, my daughter is turning 1 next week and i would love to have one of these sweet dolls to give her. my favorite toy was a baby doll. it was one of those bald, hard plastic ones. my grandpa would draw on it-eyelashes, hair, lipstick-i loved that. she didn't have a name though-just "baby".


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Stephanie said...

Cute photo! We've been making paper chains using a stapler as well:) Can't wait to see all of your decorations!