Vintage Here, Vintage There: Roundup

This week we've rounded up a few vintage outfits from readers who have commented in the past few weeks. You'll have to head over to Rubyellen's blog for more fun photos. If you've got an outfit you'd like to share with our readers, whether it's you and your kid(s) or just you by yourself, we'd love to include them in a future round up. Just leave a comment in either of our blogs in this round up post and they'll be included in our next Vintage Here, Vintage There Roundup.

We'll be back this afternoon to share what we wore this week!



Katie said...

Well I must admit I don't wear much vintage - mostly because it's hard to find my size. But I thought you might enjoy some guys vintage worn by my brother Jono...

Here's a pic of a sweater circa probably 1975 or earlier.

There are several more on the root post... http://katajone.blogspot.com/2010/12/decking-bungalow.html

Something special about this sweater is it was made by my grandma for my grandpa. And it was worn by my grandpa for over 35 years. He even wore it to my parents wedding


Sadly the marriage didn't last but the sweater did.

RachelDenbow said...


Thanks for sharing!

Christina R. Griffith said...

Love your posts and the way you style your vintage!


sylvia said...

i'm planning a regular feature on the artsy ants blog about vintage children's clothes, here is our first post, more to come soon:


Nickie Frye said...

Hey right on! Thanks so much for choosing to feature me! :D Yay!

If you love vintage, I'm your gal. Tons of fresh picks in my shop right now.


Thanks again, you rule!