The Easiest DIY Ever

DIY on Smile and Wave
I found a bunch of acrylic gas station letters and numbers at a flea market in OKC, OK that have been sitting around just waiting for something to do. I had a small stack sitting on my side table and needed something to put my coffee cup on when it dawned on me. DUH. Make them into coasters.

DIY on Smile and Wave
Being acrylic, they are a little tricky to cut. I tried using kitchen scissors but then decided to try and use my paper cutter. It needed sharpening anyway. I would suggest using an X-acto knife or sharper craft scissors.

DIY on Smile and Wave
Mark them in the middle or cut them into squares so they are even on all sides.

DIY on Smile and Wave
They have a really modern, graphic feel to them and it's another way to add a little bit of an industrial feel to your home. I found mine for $ .25 each so I didn't mind cutting them in half. You may be able to find some at your local flea market or Etsy. Here are a few.

DIY on Smile and Wave
They'd look great in black and I've seen some in orange and would be the perfect house warming gift for a friend with modern tastes.



Batzy Shop said...

Very creative, and pretty! I'll have to find some of those signs :3

Lauren said...

Very cool Rachel and your home looks awesome!

Alice said...

Oh good grief, just started looking through your Flickr! Looove!

heyjenrenee said...

brilliant!! we have a bunch of metal ones, but now I'll be sure to start looking for plastic. :)

jessie b said...

you're so clever. love 'em

featherfactor said...

How cool! Beautiful home - you are so creative <3 Love your blog, just found it.


craftydill said...

very clever!

Liz V. said...

Ooh! These are fantastic!

Charin said...

Love them! You make fabulous look so easy :)

Lindsay C said...

This is such a cute idea! I love easy DIYs :)

Courtney said...

very cute and inspiring idea. i simply love upcycling old pieces.

Elizabeth said...

I was wondering where you got your blue lily of the valley tumbler? I have a small yellow juice glass just like it. I found it thrifting and have tried to find others like it on the internet, but no luck. Thought you might know more about it. Thanks!