Help Japan with Your Home Ec Purchase

Home Ec Japan

This weekend, we will donate $10 from each Home Ec Registration to Japan Disaster Relief (via RedCross). If you've been thinking about taking the Home Ec Sewing E-Course, now is the perfect time-- you'll learn to sew and help people in need :)

Visit HomeEcOnline.com for full e-course details (including Project & Skills Overview, FAQ, Teacher Profiles L/R/C and Testimonials from Past Students). You can register here or with the paypal link below. Register you & a friend at the same time and we will donate $22!

Questions? Please email Hello@FreckledNest.com

Help Japan by registering for Home Ec between Now and Monday at 2pm CST.

If you would like to help spread the word, please tweet: Each registration for the #HomeEc E-Course this wknd DONATES $10 to JAPAN Relief!!! http://tinyurl.com/home-ec-japan Please RT

Registration: $60us (same price as always)

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What is Home Ec?
Home Ec is an online sewing course created by Leigh-Ann Keffer, Rachel Denbow and Courtney Tucker. We've developed Home Ec intending for it to help increase your confidence behind the machine with usable techniques, projects you'll love and progressive development :) All three of us *love* sewing and have found it to be an extremely useful, fun and rewarding part of our lives! We hope that you can discover the same satisfaction for yourself in Home Ec and beyond!

Full information and sewing projects previews at HomeEcOnline.com

Rachel, Leigh-Ann, and Courtney


jari spry said...

hey sweets. is this the same home-ec class as the first?

Anzouya said...

I have already taken this class and it was great! I've learned a lot!
I've tweeted about this though. It was the least that I could do! Great gesture! :-)

RachelDenbow said...


Same class, just on a new website. Old class access will end in August but new class access is forever.

RachelDenbow said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the class! I love hearing that. ;)