April Sponsor Giveaway Winner!

This Is Summertime

Thank you to everyone who commented and shared their favorite thing to collect in last month's sponsor giveaway post! Also, a big thank you to all of the sponsors who participated!


The winner of the April Sponsor Giveaway is...

Cece's Mommy

"I collect salt and pepper shakers, the cuter the better!"


Cece, e-mail me with your mailing address at racheldenbow(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll be sure to send it out to my sponsors so you can receive all of your goodies!


p.s. Today is the last day to Vote on the Top 25 Kids' Style blogs! Thank you for the big vote boost this morning already! Even if you've already voted there are a ton of blogs to browse through and add to your inspiration list. I've already got some new favorites. Thank you!



Got your vote count up to 763 :)

Madaline said...

man i so thought that I was going to be the winner, because I also commented about salt and pepper shakers! bummer, but congrats to her!

Cece's Mommy said...

Yay I'm so excited, thank you!