Last Week in Instagrams

Reading Time in the Front Yard
New Vintage Dress


Ruby, 17 months


Funniest Dump Truck

Vintage Floral Bedspread

It's going to be a full week ending in a fun and exciting weekend! I'm going to be playing catch up all day on Monday and Tuesday with posting (hello, April Sponsor Giveaway!) and Mother's Day photos. Ruby got sick and Brett had finals to study for so it was low key and we were all pretty sleep deprived. Nevertheless, it was good to be together!

I hope your weekend was enjoyable! Monday starts Elsie Marley's Kids' Clothes Week Challenge and I fully plan on squeezing at least two dresses into some nap time slots. I'm also excited to share an opportunity to help clothe some orphans in Haiti so stay tuned!


P.S. Monday is the last day to vote for friends in the Top 25 Kids' Style category on Circle of Moms. It's been exciting to be in the top 12 since the start of the contest! I'd love your last vote today. Thank you for being such lovely readers!


Chelseabird said...

Happy Mother's Day Rachel! I hope that you had a wonderful day! Sending good thoughts Brett's way for his finals, and wishes that little Ruby feels much better soon!

МамаФиалка said...

Happy Mother's Day Rachel!

RachelDenbow said...

Thanks, ladies! I appreciate it!

Ana said...

Happy Mother's Day!! I hope your little one feels better very.

Ana said...

Oops...I forgot Soon.

letter A studio said...

Put in another vote for ya this morning. I am truly inspired by you {& your blog}. Have a lovely day.

sécia said...

i heart instagram.

♥ sécia

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

oh my goodness, I love these.

emilyhiser said...

Your blog is just too cuuttee! Every time I visit I fall in love with new treasures. :) Like...the vintage floral beadspread! Where oh where did you get it??