Joetta Maue

I thought I'd pop in for a little 'hello, out there' and share some images from Joetta's work that have been inspiring me today. This girl's art feels so fresh. I love the way she's married traditional art forms to create something beautiful and raw.
The presentation in itself is wonderful.

Find out more about her life and work on her blog, Little Yellow Bird. She's got an Etsy store if you're feeling it, too.

I took a work break to enjoy the snow that accumulated yesterday. Sebastian and I built a snow monster with branches for hair. We actually built two but the first one was solely to destroy so that he'd have it out of his system for the second one. Then we had a snow ball fight which consisted of me constructing beautiful, powdery snow balls for Sebastian to throw at me. There is so much snow that you can barely tell the yard from the street. Once my camera thaws out and recharges, we should have some pictures.

Ta Ta!


Jenn said...

wow, thanks for the inspiration...i needed her work...glad i found it...her messages seem to carefully fit into what I feel right now!! xoxo

P.S. sending excitement and blessings for the store opening!

jarispry said...

beautiful work... going to check her blog out right now!
love the snow monster idea! you're such a good mommy!

only a few more days before rva opening! exciting! best of luck to you all! i'll be there in june! yay!

Mandi Johnson said...

sigh. I know. I love it too. :)

Klara J said...

Hey cool! Free People posted about her today too :)

Anne Esquibel said...

Hey those are really cute! I love their fresh and dainty look. My brother's were telling me about the snow there. sounds fun, fingers crossed no piling up of ice like a couple years ago. That was the unbelievable time in my life, but it was fun getting to hang out with family. ;)

Have fun girl! Can't wait to see your work in RVA Boutique! x


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!