Tell Your Story : Class Registration Here

Tell Your Story is a six week online art journal class. Elsie and Rachel will share a personal art journal page with a challenge or fun technique each day (7 days a week, for all 6 weeks!). In addition to the Daily pages we will share tips and tricks for creating six unique art journal books that are sure to inspire!

- A six week online class that is designed for you to go at your own pace. You don't need to be online at a certain time to participate. Busy students can still join us as the class posts are up for a full year!
- A prompt every day for six weeks plus tips on how to make/bind your own journals mixed in.
- Weekly chats including video and live chats in the comments section of our private blog. (this is the only thing that happens live and the hours will change weekly to fit as many schedules as possible)
- Class starts April 26th
- You'll receive a bonus art journal page tutorial to work on as soon as you log onto the private blog to get you started before the 26th!

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Class Closed

'Tell Your Story' Online Art Journal Class
with Rachel and Elsie

See you there!


Erin said...

So excited! All ready to wait for it all to begin!

nadine said...

I took all your Art Journal Classes so far and am really happy to be part of this one as well!

Jamie said...

Soooo excited! Wouldn't miss it for anything! Can't wait for it to start!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Just signed up! It's my 1st class!

Anonymous said...

I just signed up! Looking forward to the class. :)

Caroline said...

Congrats! You girls are such an inspiration for aspiring solo DIY artists everywhere!!

the best of luck!


ashley c said...

Just signed up and I am so excited for this class to begin!

Anna said...

i just signed up. i am kind of worried because i can't draw a lick, but i am super excited to learn some awesome techniques!

Cheray Natalie... said...

Just signed up now!
Have been wanting to do one of your classes for a while now, so couldn't miss out on this one! :)
can't wait!
Cheray x

Bonnie said...

Sounds like such a wonderful class! Love your blog, I can't believe it took me this long to find it, but so glad I did. :)

Happy April Fools!!

I look forward to following.


Unknown said...

Just finished sign up... Can not wait! I am so excited to be doing this and working alongside fellow Elsie & Rachel followers! Yippee! X.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Hey! I've already signed up. And I wanted to let you know I'm having a giveaway of your class on my blog: http://nikkilooch.blogspot.com

It will be up for a week. Thanks for offering such awesome classes.


Tigercat said...

Count me in too! I am really looking forward to these lessons.

Anonymous said...

Never done anything like this before. Really stepping out of my box here. :-) Can't wait!

Rosa said...

All signed up! It's my first class, too!

apinkdreamer said...

wow! wonderful idea!i love art journaling!

Shannon Beth said...


This is my first online course ever, and I am super excited! I used to oogle of Elsie's scrapbooking pages when I started it years and years ago, and I am so happy to have discovered your blog in the mix!

As a fellow curly girl, I also super appreciate you sharing your curl-tips!

Looking forward to learning lots!

Helis mixed media said...

Newbie for this blog and online class! Will sign up in a sec and I cannot wait to start!