Big Smile


I'm thrilled that so many of you are taking our art journal class. It's a special feeling to share art journal pages with people and I hope each of us uncover something new inside along the way.

We're off on our own little adventure in Oklahoma but I'll be back soon with some Easter egg fun.



Meg said...

I am sure that this class will be amazing, I would love to take it, but with the Indie Biz class and 3 kids I don't think that I could find time...maybe next time! Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter, I am sure that sweet Ruby will look beautiful in her Easter dress, I can't wait to put my little Izabella in hers!

Lindsay said...

I am so excited about taking the class too!! Now I just need to find a notebook!

Erin said...

Bet your trip will be a blast! Enjoy yourself!

BuenoBueno said...

thought you might like this post! a designers dream!

Mrs Anne said...

Love that dress!
Happiest Easter to YOU and YOURs!

hkc mom said...

Have a happy Easter - the weather here in Okla was perfect today, sunshine & No Wind! I'm going now to sign up for the class-can't wait!

Lost In Reverie said...

I am so excited to be taking this class with you! another dream of mine can be checked off of the list! :) you are so thoughtful about the details of life, and so inspiring~!! thank you for that!

jooleedoh said...

totally wish i could take the class. next time i'll be prepared for sure! i'm from oklahoma and the weather was amazing. lots of bike riding was accomplished today. :)

Vivi said...

So jealous I can't do it - it looks like it's going to be amazing!! Keep us posted on what your students produce!