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Home Ec is not just for teenagers anymore, it's for everyone, everywhere!! Leigh-Ann, Courtney and myself have created this online sewing class for beginners and those who want to develop and polish their sewing skills! We've planned 3 Guides, 26 step-by-step Projects with at least 1 new Sewing Technique in each, 3 Live Chats and a tips post on How to Invent & Adapt projects of your own!
This class is different than others we've taught. The projects are each amazing and useful, but the real purpose of each project is so that you can learn a specific sewing skill, one step at a time, practicing and learning along the way. We've also decided to show previews & describe to you EACH project so that you can see what you learn and how much skill you'll obtain by the end of Home Ec. The value is insane!

Project Previews - Part 1 of 2
(Project Previews Part 2 HERE)
*See the end of this post for a Full Project List

EarlyBird Guides
How to Work your Sewing Machine - Video
A video guided tour of your new Sewing Machine... filling & loading your bobbin, threading your machine, adjusting stitch length, needle alignment, using the presser foot and backstitching. Plus a few tips for straight & even stitch lines and my favorite sewing habits!
Tools of the Trade - Post
Fabric and craft stores can be overwhelming, especially when you're just learning how to sew. Did I get everything I needed? Did I get anything I needed? As someone who has spent a great deal of their life both shopping and working in those stores, I've learned nearly every product top to bottom. So, for my first post I'll be covering a range of what you may need and why, as well as share a few helpful shopping tips.

Tips & Troubleshooting - Video
I'll be covering basic problems you may run into using your sewing machine and what to check first before taking it in for a check up. In my video, you'll get a few tips on keeping your machine clean and running smoothly and a basic run down on what to expect to pay for a new machine or tune up. Don't be afraid! Your machine is your friend!

Project Previews - Part 1 of 2

Cloth Napkins (2 Ways)
Set a more beautiful table with handmade cloth napkins! You'll learn how to make two styles with basic techniques that will help you master larger projects later in the class. You can feel good about setting your table in style because cloth napkins reduce waste and help save money! Introducing: squaring up fabric, simple hemming, adding Ric-Rac edging. With a focus on mixing and matching patterns.

Drawstring Gift Pouch
Instead of wrapping a gift with paper, create this pretty drawstring gift pouch that acts as a bonus gift and reusable bag! You'll learn how to create a pouch, Also great for business owners packaging products and making a great impression! Introducing: making a bag, joining 2 fabrics, drawstring casing, square corners, strong slit.

Reusable Grocery/Book Bag
Finally a grocery bag that can fit lots and be carried over the shoulder for one big trip into the house. This bag isn't just beautiful, but is also machine washable and also great for the environment! Introducing: Making a larger bag, straps, strong x joints.

Round Bunting
Learn how to create fabric circles and put together a new take on classic bunting. Ideal for a nursery, shower gift, or a playful display in your studio! Easily customizable and simple enough to finish in an afternoon. Introducing: Creating fabric circles and machine applique.
Supplies Roll-Up
The perfect caddy for your supplies, your boyfriends wrenches, your kids markers or your sharpie collection! Made with an oilcloth or vinyl exterior and an adjustable strap, this roll-up is durable, flexible and just what everyone needs! Introducing: creating sections, working with thicker material (and needle), installing an adjustable strap
Ironing Board Cover
Replace your dingy old ironing board cover with a shiny new one, and make everyone's least favorite chore a little bit more fun. Introducing: using old cover to create a pattern for the new, edge-finishing options, elasticizing an edge, calculating fabric required.
Curtains (2 Ways)
Curtains can be extremely expensive but not when you make them yourself! Choose grommets or a bunched 'ruffle' top and sew window treatments to suit every room in your home! Introducing: lining up a pattern, double hemming, spacing & installing large grommets.

Quilted Pot Holder
Pot holders are a dying breed... no more cork ones in this house, I want cute fabric ones protecting my pretty table :) Work with batting to create a layer of insulation, and quilting to keep the potholder thin and flat. Introducing: batting, closing in a double sided square, blanket stitch.

Reversible Bib
Bibs don't have to be tacky. Learn to make your own with fabric you have on hand. You'll learn straight line quilting and how to work with double-fold bias tape. Introducing: quilting straight lines, adding bias tape, drafting from a pattern.

Hemming Jeans At Home
We can't all have an industrial "jean machine" in our homes (though I'm definitely hoping I someday will!), but it's still possible to end up with a nice looking hem when you're either pressed for time or pinching pennies. You'll pick up techniques for shortening your favorite denim using both hand and machine sewing. Introducing: determining correct length, working with heavy materials, determining your machine's limits.

Zippered Pencil Case
Gather all your cute pencils and markers because as soon as you finish this project, you're going to want to use it! Sewing a zipper can feel so intimidating but it's actually pretty simple, don't be afraid! Introducing: installing a zipper, lining a pouch.
Resizing a Shirt or Dress
Don't throw out your grandma's vintage mumu! With a few basic tricks, you can resize vintage clothing to fit your body type. Introducing: hemming, taking in at the sides, learning your measurements and silhouettes that are most flattering.

Jersey Wrap Skirt (Forgiving Raw-Edge)
This super-basic skirt, which you will draft from your own measurements (using math--gasp!), is both forgiving to your figure and to your skill. Lots of finishing techniques are not only difficult, they're time consuming. By leaving the edges raw, we leave time for more important things, like creating the perfect fit. And looking totally cute in your new skirt because, hey look at that, you're already done making it! Introducing: drafting a pattern from measurements, properties of stretch fabric, getting comfortable with clothing construction.

Plushie Toy
Babies grow out of their adorable clothes so quickly but you can give them new life in the form of their favorite new plushie! Using a provided pattern and easy directions you can make these gender neutral creatures for your favorite little one. Introducing: working with jersey cotton, customizing a pattern.
PLEASE NOTE: This is only the first half of our projects! See Part 2 project previews HERE.


This is a 5.5 week online class open to students worldwide, developed and taught by Leigh-Ann Keffer, Rachel Denbow and Courtney Tucker. The private blog will be up for 1 full year so that you can check back and take the projects at your own pace. There are no project deadlines.

Class Home Ec starts on August 10th
(with Earlybird Guides in Early August)

Class fee is $60us
Home Ec Registration is in Top LEFT SIDEBAR OF THIS BLOG (paypal "buy now" button).

Sign-Up Information
- When you sign-up for Home Ec, you will receive login information to the private blog within 36 hours (plus an invitation to the Student Lounge 1st sent on Tues, July 20).
- Please fill in the Name & Email address box (above) so that we can send your login to the correct address :)
- Class fee is meant for one student and is non-refundable after you've received your private class login.

- Your teachers are here to help you! We will answer all the questions you leave in the comments of our projects and we look forward to seeing what you make and supporting you along the way.
- We have planned 3 chats where you can type-chat live... getting to know us (and each other), asking questions, and receiving sewing advice. These chats take place in our private blog.
- Home Ec Class includes access to a private social group for Home Ec students only. This is like a 'student lounge' where you can make friends, compare projects, support each other and post photos. (Back in Indie Business, this was a really fun feature!!)

- This class is not a kit. You will receive supply lists in July (use thrifted fabric to massively reduce fabric costs... start collecting vintage pillowcases & few flat sheets, they work great!!).
- A sewing machine is needed for this class. (If you're in the market for new one, LA recommends a "Singer Advance"... well made, nice features, affordable in comparison, easy to use and found at stores like Walmart, Target and Joanne's).
- 3 Guides will be posted in early August before class officially begins (on Aug.10), but they can be viewed at any time throughout the course (if you don't login in ahead of time).

Leigh-Ann: Sewing since 1993, Self Taught, Hobby Sew-er.
Rachel: Sewing for 8+ years, Quilter, Seamstress and Innovator.
Courtney: Sewing for 7+ years, Quilter and Professionally Trained Seamstress.

Full Project List
[ Teacher Legend: Leigh-Ann | Rachel | Courtney | Team ]

EarlyBird Guides
Video: How to Work Your Sewing Machine

Tools of the Trade

Video: Tips & Troubleshooting


Cloth Napkins (2 ways)

Gift Pouch

Reusable Grocery/Book Bag

Round Bunting

Supplies Roll-Up

Ironing Board Cover

Curtains (2 ways)

Quilted Pot Holder


Reversible Bib

Hemming Jeans

Pencil Case

Resizing a Skirt or Dress

Jersey Wrap Skirt

Plushie Toy


Cushion/Pillow Case with Piping

Ruffled Duvet Cover

Fabric Storage Cubby

Padded Laptop Case


Full Apron

Leather & Canvas Purse

Mod Table Runner

Drafting/Creating a Pattern

Shoe Organizer

Messenger Bag

How to Read a Commercial Pattern

Flying Geese Quilt

How to Invent & Adapt Projects

Last C H A T

A Few Quotes from our Sewing Friends...
"Sewing has made me a happy happy girl. I highly recommend learning how to use your machine - you won't regret it - and will find yourself spending less and less time at the mall, and more time online figuring out how to make your own version of some of your favorite $300 dollar dresses! Plus, having a reason to browse fabric shops. That's my favorite part."
- Jill of Lune

"Sewing sort of fell into my lap about 18 months ago, and I'm so amazed at all it's brought me: a wonderful group of new friends, satisfaction in creating something cute & sassy, and most recently being able to quit my day-job to sew full-time. Playing with fabric and creating cute gifts is the best!"
- Maggie of Gussy

"I love to sew accessories for my home, clothes and just general repair. It can be very relaxing and a great stress reliever.
I sewed most of my childrens clothes, blankets and some toys when they were young and it was so rewarding; seeing them wear and play with things I'd made was incredible."
- Sharon

If you have any questions, please e-mail Leigh-Ann (FreckledNest@gmail.com) with "Home Ec" in the subject line.
xoxo, Rachel, Leigh-Ann and Courtney


♥ Carrie Shan said...

I am so excited...I hope I can participate. I linked your class on my blog. :)

Stephanie said...

I have sooo been wanting to learn how to sew. My poor sewing machine has been sitting for unused for years!

Anonymous said...
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the whyte house said...

so wishing i had a machine! everytime i make the hour drive to my mom's house for her to hem something she comments on how i need to learn to sew! haha.

Emily said...

so when does this officially start start?? i might have missed that somewhere- i see it's 5.5 weeks, but from what starting date? :)

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

this is so exciting!! i love that you guys do this and leave the projects open for so long so there is no pressure and it can work into anyones schedule. i'll definitely be signing up!

Meg and Terri said...

This is so great! I'm just about to buy my first sewing machine, but I can't figure out what to buy! All the reviews are so mixed. Even the one you recommended seems to have a lot of negative reviews (http://www.sewingmachinereviewer.com/singer-advance-7422.html)

...Can you suggest some others as well? If I can find a good sewing machine in time, I'd love to join in!

Christina Rambo said...

This is an answer to prayer! Learning to sew is on my summer goal list!!!

Anonymous said...

I CAN'T WAIT!! this is just what i need and i can't wait for it to start :)
love ya!

Anonymous said...

awww, so wish I could take this! I still have 99% of the summer RVA camp list to finish, summer has gotten away from me, and taken my time with it!

Teena said...

I am so in!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask the same thing, when does it begin? Also is the content, still available after the class ends? I really want to take this but have to decide if I buy my own machine that I have been wanting or borrow one from my Mom , who never uses it. If the content is available for a while after I will more then likely take it, if it's not, I am not sure I can keep up with that and the other things I am doing! Looks like an amazing class, even just a few of those projects would be well worth the price!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you guys Rachel - the class sounds absolutely fantastic, just perfect for beginners! If I was learning how to sew, I would definitely be taking your class because it covers absolutely everything that you need and would want to know. You have all done a fantastic job putting it together, and you should be congratulated for your hard work...so good on you!

Wow, I was just looking at how long you all have been sewing for and it got me thinking about when I first learnt. I was 11 and my Mum and Nana taught me. Nana is a dressmaker, and Mum is a quilter and bag-maker, so they have been particularly invaluable sources of info over the years. I started off by making pillows, skirts, and little dresses for my Cabbage Patch Kid. Haha :)

Gosh, just did the maths...I am 34 now, learnt when I was 12, so that's 22 years I have been sewing for...am I REALLY that old? Where do the years go???

Karen xx

P.S. I hope you are having a good time with your family. Drive safe :)

Jari said...

oh yep! i'll be there! duvet cover, apron, curtains... YES PLEASE! it's my goal to be making my own clothing by this winter! yays! thanks ladies.

Roxanne said...

This is totally worth it for the Jean tutorial alone! I'm always needing to hem my pants! I think I may just have to treat myself :)

Unknown said...

i am seriously considering this.. all of the projects sound amazing and it would give me a kick in the butt to finally learn how to use my sewing machine!! when does registration end?

emullan said...

Two days after you mentioned you would be having a sewing class, a beautiful, impeccable, used Bernina fell into my possession from an older family member. Serendipity, I say!

I've always wanted to take your classes, but hesitated because I knew that I would probably only finish the projects that were sewing-focused....now a whole class one sewing! I'm in heaven and I can't wait.

p.s. Love your blog! Your children are beautiful!

Erin Alaska said...

omg, so excited. and my hubbie is too. now my sewing machine won't sit there and collect dust.
p.s. don't click on the chinese comment...they are usually disgusting links to blogs. I have to moderate my comments now thanks to them. argh!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, this class looks fabulous! Too bad I'm a college student and therefore can't afford it. Maybe next time!


Rachel said...

I'll be out of the country through August 12, can I still sign up even if I miss part of the first week?

Unknown said...

Can't wait!! This will be money well spent. Question: What are some good sights to find some fun prints for these projects?

Unknown said...

Also, here is some blog love:
Check it out!

julia said...

Such a cool idea. I'm not really a beginner so not really for me, just wanted to express my credits about projects like this!

Bonnie @ This Young Mama said...

I probably skipped this part but when is the last day to sign up?

I already know how how to KINDA sew and have made my little one blankets and other basics but I would love to join this class to learn more :)

Kaitlyn Rose said...

My summer goals are to learn how to sew skirts and dresses. But, learning how to read patterns is like the sweetest icing on the cake. I'm singing up as soon as my next paycheck rolls around. My August budget is definitely including this class.

SO excited!

Angela Christenson said...

I hope I can make this class....Looks very fun...and there are definately a few things I want to learn from this class that you have listed. Thanks for offering it.

Kate said...

Oooh I HAVE to sign up for this!

Sher said...

This looks like so much fun! I wish I could sew for real, all I ever do is sew buttons onto my knitting projects! ;)

Moriah said...

So excited to be a part of this! All of these projects look so awesome! :)

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

IM SO EXCITED! I to am a self taught and been sewing since 93 - Ive linked everywhere i can think of - what a great opp! XOXO

sewnotmartha said...

I can't wait!
Now I've got to go dust off my machine that has been sitting neglected on a shelf...lets just say for a very long time!!

Anonymous said...

Brother CS6000I 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Multiple Stitch Functions
is a much better deal. Similar in price but you get 60 stitches. It has great reviews on amazon.

Jessica said...

Just signed up! I'm so excited. I am a totaly newbie so I need this class. :) Should I start a blog or something? I have an old knitting one that I haven't used in years..

Anonymous said...

is it too late to sign up? i am brand new to your space. i've always wanted to learn how to sew. i have a brand new sewing machine, been sitting in its box for 5 years. i know, sad. would love to use it!

zephyrsarah said...

this sounds so great and just what i need! wish i could join you. i hope this comes around again!

AbetterZ said...

Wow! I just stumbled upon this blog and can't believe my luck. I sew a little but feel like I don't have the know how and training so I think I will sign up.



jonnajonna said...

How fantastic is this?! I love it! Best part? Aug. 10th is my birthday! What a great gift to myself! :)

Becky said...

i'm so excited for this! my boyfriend purchased it for my 20th birthday, which is two days before this starts! i'll FINALLY learn to master the basics of sewing.

Silvitanova said...

Yes, I'm in! Not an early bird...but I've made it! Can't wait to get in the students lounge :-)

Lilly said...

Hurrah! Just what I was looking for... I'm about to sign up now! Always wanted to learn to sew so I can't wait to start this course (although I need a machine first! After investigating my mothers it appears to have finally.... after nearly 30 years... gone to Singer heaven!)

Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

That looks like so much FUN!!!

Chacoy said...

I just ran accross this;( Will you be hosting another Home Ec?
If so, could you please do so in the summer, I am a full time student and have more time in the summer;}

Anonymous said...

so sad! i just found this blog! fell in love! and i really want to do a home ec class! alas, i am tardy! will you be doing another class in the future?

stefani said...

Sounds like a wonderful class and the projects look amazing. Wish I found you guys earlier.

Buy Product Online said...

This looks like so much fun! I wish I could sew for real, all I ever do is sew buttons onto my knitting projects!

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