Your Thoughts, Please.

I'd love to know three things from Smile And Wave readers.

1. How would you classify this blog? If you had to choose one category to fit it into, what would it be?

2. Would you like to see more craft tutorials, personal family anecdotes, vintage and visual inspiration, or a good mix of all of the above?

3. What age group/occupation/gender/family status are you? (10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+) (job, wahm, sahm, student, etc.) (female/male) (single, married, mom, etc.)

I'm just curious as to who you are and how you see my blog and what I can do to make this place even better for both of us. Thanks for the time it takes to answer these questions!



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jo said...

Hello! I would classify your blog as craft, sewing, home, family, style, fashion inspiration. My go to place when I need a little boost in all those areas!

I love what you are doing now! I wouldn't change a thing!

I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom of 5 in my early, leaning towards mid (yikes) 30's!

Thank you for this fantastic blog!

jo said...

Hello! I would classify your blog as craft, sewing, home, family, style, fashion inspiration. My go to place when I need a little boost in all those areas!

I love what you are doing now! I wouldn't change a thing!

I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom of 5 in my early, leaning towards mid (yikes) 30's!

Thank you for this fantastic blog!

Unknown said...

I would classify your blog as crafty, personal, and a place for all things pretty and vintage.

I like a good mix...I love crafty but I also like to know the blogger behind it.

I'm 30-40 and I'm currently a SAHM to 3 year old twin girls.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for the Home Ec class...can't wait!!!!

Jessie said...

I see your blog as Vintage/Handmade.

I would LOVE to see more crafty tutorials! I look forward to those posts!

I'm a SAHM of an 11 month old little guy, 24 years old, and happily married!

joyfullyC said...

1. I'd say "crafty mommy" I love how you bring art and craft into your daily life with your kids.

2. I always enjoy your craft tutorials and family anecdotes.

3. I'm a 23 year old preschool teacher who aspire to be a creative wife and mom one day. i'm exploring and enjoying life as a single young woman...before i eventually get married and have kids of my own. :)

i enjoy that your blog is so close and personal yet not too much like it's revealing every single detail about your life.
Definitely looking forward to more craft tutorials.


heather dawn said...

1. I love your blog!! I would classify it as Inspirational, Crafty, Mothering and Thrifty goodness. I really love the classes that you offer. I've yet to take one, but the Home Ec Class is something I want to do very badly!

2. I think you do a pretty good mix of all of those aspects. I really like the crafts & family bits!

3. I am a 23 year old married mama from Georgia who works part time as a BF Peer Counselor. :) Kinda a SAHM, Wahm & job. :D

Renay said...

I think of your blog as a craft blog, but love that it also has fun other things too! Tutorials are always awesome, but whatever you blog about is always worth reading about! I'm 25. I was a crazy corporate woman, but I quite that to be a full-time student right now. Love crafts, vintage, photography, and scrapbooking! and...I'm taken by Mr. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

1. inspiration, crafts, vintage, life in general

2. a good mix.. you have a good mix already, that's what I love about your blog.

3. 33, military/pilot/MA student/with super hot boyfriend who thankfully encourages my craftiness :)

I a fan of your blog and online classes... I'm thinking of the home ec class, but I'm not a beginner really, though it looks like there are things to learn from in the class.

Keep up awesome work on your blog :o)

Niki said...

I wouldn't try to classify your blog as i like both the crafy stuff and the family stuff.
I'm 39, female and work more than full-time.

Anonymous said...

I started reading because of the crafty-ness of your blog and all the yummy inspiration! I love those things but I LOVEE reading about your little family and all your adventures!

I'm a student. I'm 21 and married. No kids yet but very anxious for that time to come :)

Lauren said...

more tutorials/DIYs would be lovely. <3


Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing!!
I think it has just the right mix of craft projects and style inspiration with a bit of your family life thrown in. It is visually inspiring and one of my favourite blogs.
I would love to see more of your art journal/paper based projects, but I am happy to enjoy whatever you share!
I am 29, work full time and live with my handsome boyfriend. No babies...yet! xxx

Amanda said...

1. crafty, vintage, fun
2. i like the mix
3. 20-30 female married

Melanie said...

1. Crafty, Inspirational, Family blog

2. Mixture would be great. Any crafter loves tutorials, more would be fabulous.
I also appreciate your personal family anecdotes, it shows your a real person and I can totally relate to your stories. I also love reading your life goals and lists. It puts things into perspective and makes me remember that I need to slow down and spend more quality time on what is most important... you are very inspiring.
Vintage & Visual Inspiration are great for the quick reads and everyone loves adorable Images.

3. 30-40 (36), Job, personal Crafter on nights and weekends, Married & a Mom.

You are doing a fabulous job. I read your blog daily.

jdavissquared said...

1. crafty/diy/vintage/inspirational/lifestyle

2. i like a mix!

3. i'm a 30 year old married, no kids {yet} graphic designer/crafter/etsy seller

Unknown said...

1. I would consider your blog a craft blog

2. I love the mix as you have it now, everything is great. I will say that I especially enjoy your family stories because I have a toddler boy and baby girl, too.

3. I'm a married 31 yr old SAHM (I will be teaching preschool 2 days/week in the fall)

ellen said...

My thought: I want that typewriter!!

about bird said...

1) inspiration blog.
2)vintage goodies, craft tutorials & a dash of your family too!
3)i'm 23, female, single. college graduate. was a nanny for two years & am looking for a new job in the non-profit field right now. :)


DianneCS said...

I just stumbled onto your blog, I think it was a reference from Anahata Katkin's blog to your online journaling class. I like your style and aesthetic and I think that is what really makes me come back regularly.

I would classify your blog as a craft (with emphasis on sewing and paper) blog but you add parts of your personal life to it so it has a personal touch. I like the mix of posts. My favorite things are the tutorials and craft related things.

I am married, an English teacher/librarian, in my mid-thirties, female, a doggy mommy, and a Californian living abroad.

Thanks for your posts. And I am very excited about home ec!

Kellie said...

1. vintage, crafty goodness
2. my fav are the craft tutorials but I love everything!
3. I'm a 30 year old stay at home wife :)

Rachel said...

wow as if you need any more replies.
But crafty, family vintage, i like the mix i think its even i love seeing your gorgeous babies, and lovely housey things and your lovely handmade things.
I'm 27, live with my bf of 7 years and i work full time (begrudgingly lol)

Dawn Trest said...

1. inspirational blog for this WAHM! Love your blog best!

2. I really enjoy the mix of it all. It never gets boring and keeps us readers wondering what you'll post next.

3. WAHM, 28 years old, mama to 3 year old Anne

Johanna said...

1. I guess I would classify your blog as crafty/vintage inspiration.
2. I come to your blog for the vintage finds that you have, home decor and family updates/adventures/mama advice that you give.
3. 29 year old sahm/wahm (small photography business)

Eartha Kitsch said...

I really love your blog just as it is - a great mix of all of those mentioned. I've got you categorized under "lifestyle" in my blog bookmarks but that doesn't seem to say enough. Anyway, I think that you have the perfect formula.

Oh, and I'm 40 and holding & female with no kids but I love reading about motherhood.



lovecaboose said...

1. Crafty with a heavy dose of vintage, with a focus on home & family.

2. I can't get enough craftiness!

3. 20-30, salon manager/vintage store worker, female, not married.

Stephanie Krause said...

1. I'd avoid a classification at all cost...might get you stuck in a box! :)
2. Love your seemingly spontaneous mix of blog-entry types! It matches life's spontaneity and variety!
3. I'm a 32-yr-old mom of two boys ages 5 and 7. I'm also a preschool owner/director/teacher. Female/married

Jenna said...

Hey i Just recently stumbled upon your blog and I'm addicted. I just created my own blog this summer and wrote a post about a few things I love right now and posted your blog! :)

23 years old, on the verge of becoming an art teacher. independent artist & crafter (been doing it since I could hold a crayon).

I love how inspirational your blog is with all the vintage and crafts you produce. I like the insight of your daily life & how fun and goofy it sounds. I find many "inspirational // art blogs" on the internet but yours is the most real I have stumbled upon. You let some light in on your life instead of making this blog pure business. makes it more 'real'.

hope your okay with the link from my blog that I posted today!



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