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A New Collaboration
This week's Vintage Here, Vintage There feature is all about vintage shoes! Rubyellen is really great at finding the best vintage shoes on Etsy and sending me links in my size. It's been a good lesson of sorts in finding the kind of shoes that I love, that will work with the kind of things I like to wear, and that I'll wear more than just once or twice.

This may be my new favorite pair of vintage shoes in my slowly growing collection. I found them almost two weeks ago for $2 on a trip to see our friends and have already worn them twice. This is saying a lot since we've mostly stayed at home due to all of that snow! They remind me a little bit of some boots I had when I was in elementary school and it's been fun to wear them layered over socks and tights in this frigid weather.
I managed to get us both dressed yesterday afternoon in time to take photos before it got too dark. I had Brett take photos for as long as we could stand to be outside without our heavy coats on and then warmed up inside. Then we had homemade soup to warm up. Then we went to get frozen yogurt and got cold again. It was worth it!

I had straightened my hair the night before with a borrowed straightener after having not washed it the day before. It's usually a little less frizzy if I'm not trying to blow dry it straight and only want to use a straightener. It took me about 45 minutes to get it all and I had to redo the ends the next day.

It's been a LONG time since it's been trimmed but it was fun to see how long it had gotten! I think this is a record.

I wore: Boyfriend tee, dress, tights, Target. Socks, borrowed from Brett! Boots, thrifted and vintage. Cardigan, thrifted and vintage. Necklace, custom by Bueno, Bueno and gifted from Elsie. Headband, Walgreens.

Ruby wore: Top, vintage and thrifted. Dress, vintage and thrifted. Cardigan, Target and gifted by Mom. Tights, Target. Baby legs, handmade from women's tube socks. Boots, thrifted.


I love these boots! And warm-ish tights! Must find more...

Despite quite the shoe collection, Ruby doesn't currently have any vintage shoes that fit her growing feet. I found these boots at a thrift store recently for $3 but I think they are originally from Wal-Mart.
I put warm knit tights on Ruby and then layered some handmade leg warmers over them. I just cut the feet off of a pair of womens' tube socks from Target (I've done this for about eight pair!) and the fringed end gets covered up by her boots. The socks are sometimes $2 a pair and are usually adorable so it's a great way to layer! I usually put a pair on under jeans or pajamas for extra warmth, too.


Here are some of the vintage shoes in our stash from a previous post and below are some fabulous vintage shoes on Etsy that I've been admiring.

For the ladies: Tan cowboy boots, something for spring, wedges, T-straps, lace up boots.

For the littles: Adorable soft moccasins, Green granny boots, little loafers, Mary Janes, more Mary Jane's, saddle shoes.

Vintage shoes sizes are not always consistent with today's standard shoe sizes so many vendors will give measurements of the shoes to help you know if they'll fit, despite the size markings on the shoe. I've found plenty of beautiful vintage pumps marked size 9 or even 10 that have been incredibly narrow and too uncomfortable to wear so it's smart to check your own measurements before purchasing shoes you can't try on first.

Don't forget to check out this week's Vintage Mama here and then head over to Rubyellen's blog later this evening to see what she and her littles wore this week and their fantastic collection of vintage shoes!! Do you have a pair of vintage shoes on your wish list or a pair that you have worn out because they are your favorite?



Chelsea said...

you both are too cute! love your outfits.

megannielsen said...

Oh my goodness you both look soooo adorable!! Meanwhile, isn't it just such a pain to straighten curly hair?! I prefer blowdrying it straight, but whenever i do mine, i literally wait a week till I wash it, because I don't want to suffer through straightening it again too soon (melodramatic i know). Anyway, you look cute curly or straight!

RachelDenbow said...

Thank you, ladies!


Yes, I've had it straight for three days now! Must wash it tomorrow, though. It's starting to feel a little borderline!

Dee said...

i ADORE your curls, but wow do you look super fab with straight hair!! :)

i love this outfit too x

AlliT said...

You guys are super adorable... :) Ruby is so stinkin cute!!! Would love to just smush her with hugs!!!

Ashley said...

those shoes are SOO CUTE!!! and your little girl's boots... ohhh my goshhhhhhh im in love

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

you two look beautiful! I love that necklace.

robin said...

gosh...you two are just a stylin duo...love this post rachel...those boots look just like the boots I wore showing horses when I was younger...we called them paddock boots and once broken in they were wonderful! Your hair looks amazing and can't beleive how LONG it is!..wow bet Brett thought he was walkin iunto a house with another woman! Bet Mr "S" was surpried too!

robin said...

whoops..mispelled a couple of words there..also forgot to say how much I love Miss "R"s little boots as well!

my little celebration said...

Your baby is the CUTEST! Seriously!

 Amy said...

Rachel, you look absolutely gorgeous! You're working that straight hair, girl. And Ruby! Ah! That little scamp. You two are so cute!


cb said...

$2!!! that is awesome and even more awesome that they are super adorable! i have a hard time finding vintage shoes in my size...the all seem to mock me with their size 6 or 7.5! sometimes i wish i had smaller fit!

your little one is the cutest! well actually you both are!


Joy said...

You both look great--you have a great sense of style... but, the vintage (used) shoes? I'm not sure about that... aren't there issues with, uh, freshness? Aren't they broken in to someone else's foot shape?

Rubyellen said...

seriously, $2?!! i really can't get over it!!!!

i love how you rock headbands. i can't do it! i wish i could, but i can't. maybe i need to trick myself into thinking i can, but you lady always rock headbands so welll!!!


melissa said...

love, love, love your hair/outfit!!!

and miss ruby, those shoes are darling!

Bianca (ivylovesjack) said...

Thank you for the link to the little red shoes in my new etsy shop ivylovesjack :) I'm so glad you like them!

Sarah Jordan said...

I don't know whose shoes are cuter, your are your daughter's! She is so adorable! :)

Kristen said...

Your hair looks really cute straight!!

Jeanee said...

Love the straight hair on you! And the gray outfit is lovely!