Vintage Here, Vintage There: Boy Edition

A New Collaboration
This week we're sharing vintage on our boys. I'm a day late to the party but we're here! I have only recently been thrifting men's shirts for Brett because we rarely go thrifting together and I've never wanted to buy things he wouldn't like. The one he is wearing is the first one I brought home to see what he thought and it was a hit.

I've since brought home three more but only one worked so I've learned that I need to know his measurements just like I need to know my own. I also need to take him on a little tour of Etsy so we can both figure out what I need to be looking for in the thrifts.

I have a harder time finding local vintage for Sebastian in his size but this one has been an easy wear. It's marked a 6/7 but has fit him for about a year already. I tend to gravitate towards plaids and sporty shirts but don't get into paisley or 100% polyester for him. I blame it on growing up in California. And he WAS born in Seattle.

I'm so thankful for these boys. They have a lot of fun together.

Brett is wearing: Vintage plaid flannel, thrifted. Tee and corduroys, Target. Birkenstocks, college days.
Sebastian is wearing: Striped top, Target. Plaid button up, vintage. Pants, Target. Shoes, thrifted.

Here are a few men's shirts I like: short-sleeved, long-sleeved, in aqua, western, and flannel.

Here are a few boy's shirts I like: long-sleeved, looking sharp, summer time, stripey, and western.

Have you seen Rubyellen's post yet? How do you dress your boys in vintage?



gabrielle said...

love the shirts and links am just starting to look for winter vintage items for my small boys, at the moment we are still enjoying being able to wear little summer rompers and short sleeved vintage shirts. A few links to my vintage boys below

Meredith said...

Your boys are the cuuuuutest!

She Can't Decide said...

I was lucky enough to come across SIX vintage men's western shirts for my husband at a $2.00 total. Yeap, that's right, total! :) It was quite the thrill..and only one did not fit him well.

Dee said...

those photos are pure magic :)

elskan said...

I love their matching plaids! Good finds!

There are some more here you might like, for sweet little Ruby too:


margot said...

the picture of them pulling ears preeetttty much killed me. beautiful post, as always miss rachel!

suzy said...

Oh I love those photos!!
I love the one where it looks like they are having a man chat. So cute!

Amanda said...

These photos melt my heart!

Bron said...

I'm just repeating what everyone else has said but what gorgeous photos!!! So cute. Something that you will look back on and treasure in years to come.

ringmaster said...

those two look like they have a blast together! i love it!!!

diane said...

yes, the 'ears' photo is so adorable. you have wonderful boys in your world! :)

emeraldson said...

just discovered your blog. . .Your thrifty finds are a hit in my book. nicely done.

Caitlin said...

darling! Those are some good looking boys in some good looking plaid!