Sebastian's favorite thing in the world is being outside. When we walk into the garage for any reason, he walks over to the swing and grabs one of the straps and points to the front yard while making the 'Please' sign. I am thankful for this. Its good to feel the sunshine on my neck now that the air is getting cool.

When we're not swinging, we're taking a walk. He's discovered a curiousity for things beyond our yard. He follows the concrete lines like an ant and knows how to avoid the dips of driveways. He'll pick up a rock, carry it down to the water line cover, drop it in and then wave goodbye.

My favorite things right now:
1. Coffee in the morning
2. Art journal pages
3. Flickr
4. Big clouds
5. Hat weather
6. Quilts!
7. Christmas plans
8. Pumpkin farms
9. Potato soup
10. Lunch dates with my dad

Whats on your Favorites list?


lisa*marie*derenne said...

my favorites list:
1.pumpkin farms
2.frozen vanilla charleston chews
3.dates with scott-we only get 1/wk...2 if i'm lucky :)
4.my mom's sewing machine
5.scarf weather is fast approaching...even though its randomly 82* here (only in WI)
6.fresh tea roses
7.visits with my parents
8.grape flavored aquafina
10.mini daschund puppies! (hopefully getting one for graduation!!)

-lisa marie

Yummers! said...

At this moment on this Saturday, my favorites are:
1. Making pillowcases for Halloween
2. Talking to my daughters on the phone
3. Reading a new author
4. Diet coke
5. Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Frap. Lite
6. white pumpkins
7. Oatmeal with dried cranberries
8. Jodie Foster in 'The Brave One'
9. Working on my dollhouse
10.Planning for Christmas

RachelDenbow said...

MMM..Charleston Chews were my favorite chocolate bar when I was younger!!! Hard to find.

litlebakergrl said...

Hmmm... My favorties list...

1. playing in the park with Lex
2. My upcoming trip to College Station (the first trip since Michael & I had Lex!) :-)
3. pumpkins (awesome photo op for the baby!)
4. Gerbera daisies (You just can't look at one and NOT smile:-) )
5. Cooler weather
6. A nice rainy day to sleep in to.
7. new paper and embellies to play with!
8. Christmas shopping & planning
9. chocolate ice cream
10. sun tea

Hope you have an awesome weekend, Rachel!


Holly said...

That picture of the clouds is freakin' amazing! Such cute photos of your little man. :0) Hmmmm...some of my favorites:
1. Hand-sewing lots of little Christmas gifts (and some napkins for moi). ;0)
2. Sushi with Tina...Deanna rolls=YUM!
3. SIStv challenges
4. The new mag I discovered (thanks to Tina): Ready Made
5. Owls
6. French Bulldogs (getting one as soon as B comes back from Afghanistan...actively trying to find a breeder now).
7. Pumpkins
8. Primative-style Halloween deco
9. Hedgehogs
10. Blythe!

Charin said...

I need to get Katie outside more often! Definitely need to make that a priority. :)
Here are a few of my favorites :)
1. mint chocolate hot cocoa
2. cute new clothes for Katie
3. saturdays spent with my family
4. living room movie nights with Kevin after Katie goes to bed
5. Scarves

Lizee said...

thanks for sharing rachel!:)
my current fave list:
1)shoe sales
3)red velvet cupcakes
4)starbucks greentea lemonade *sweetened*
5)polaroid pictures
6)new season of greys anatomy (although im currently upset at meredith)
7)xmas planning
8)journaling during my lunch break
10)white sharpie

Katie Jones said...

here's mine I only have 5 things -
1. Travel (almost every week)
2. Polka Dots
3. Rice
4. Walks in the park.
5. Hanging out in mycraftroom.

Petra said...

I love him. I will change my status on myspace to "in a relationship". :-)

Tina said...

lunches with dads....awesome.

Lauren Zech said...

What a cutie you have!
my faves right now are

1.cozy sweater weather
2. my new baby bird (mr. pickles)
3. all the birds are returning to our feeders outside
4. the nights are cold and the blankets are warm
5. apple cider weather
6. Piles of pumpkins outside of every store in town.
7. can anyone say "turkey and cranberry season"? :) yum!
8. baking supplies are ALWAYS on sale for the next 3 months
9. homemade bread with butter
10. Pumpkin swirl cheesecake from scratch :)

Niki said...

my favorites right this second:
1. pumpkins and mums at roadside stands
2. the violet on my desk that i haven't killed yet
3. the "hairspray" movie soundtrack
4. my clean, clean apartment
5. African healing dances that i am attempting to learn
6. vanilla yogurt
7. pulling sweaters out of the closet for the first time this season
8. painting old book pages to use in projects
9. preparing to open an Etsy store
10. hot tea every night
11. getting in a routine of seeing old friends

Michelle said...

Those photos are beautiful!

My favorites:
1. hot chocolate
2. being with friends and family
3. taking lots of photos
4. anything crafty
5. watching old movies
6. going on adventures
7. shopping
8. dancing
9. the internet
10. soft slippers

Boriquaz said...

My fav things right now,
1. chex mix - turtle (chocolate lovers)
2. Cherry and Passion Fruit Tic Tacs
3. Mini books galore
4. Costumes and playing dress up
5. Driving home after a long day of work
6. Candy
7. apple/pumpkin picking with my daughter
8. Funky sunglasses
9. Music all the time
10. Christmas is around the corner


Cat said...

Been missing your great posts! OH yea and I suck for not mailing the felt yet. I have orange and purple and I want to run the orange for you one more time. I need your address, but I swear I will send soon!!!

Danielle said...

my favorites list:
1. chai lattes
2. my pillow I'm embroidering with squirrels and trees (thanks Doodle Stitching!)
3. chilly autumn mornings and evenings
4. my mom's pumpkin bread recipe
5. looking through magazines for ways to decorate my new house in a month (Yay! So excited! Pics are on my blog! Please share any ideas you all have!)
6. the changing colors of the leaves, so beautiful, delicious!
7. my new soft, HUGE, embroidered brown leather purse
8. Lisa Kaus art
9. black-eyed susans
10. seeing my daughters happy faces at the thought of having a new home.
11. pumpkin patches with apple cider donuts
12. reading fun blogs like this one.

Nessa said...

i'm going to do my favorite lists on my blog this afternoon
thank you for that

Nessa said...

it's well done