To Everyone I Sort of Know

A little word of encouragement as you start your Monday.

Since Thursday I've:

* Put my feet in a very cold spring (does that count for swimming?)
* Gone to a park with good friends.
* Eaten burgers in the rain with new friends.
* Talked all night with old friends.
* Made plans to go to an outdoor movie.
* Made progress on decorating our house.
* Thrifted my way through Hardy, Arkansas.
* Celebrated a birthday.
* Watched a good indie film.
* Cleaned my bedroom.
* Spent more time outside.
* Made a very bad pot of chili.
* Made more time for resting.

The online art journal class is going full-steam ahead with four tutorials up for the making. Many have asked if future classes will be offered and I'm happy to answer a big fat YES. I've been working on a large batch of art journal pages that I'm eager to share over the next four months or as long as you all are eager to take the classes. Each class will showcase 8 new tutorials with a few other bits and pieces changed up or thrown in each month. I'm looking forward to it.

Has anyone else had three member of their immediate family jump out of a perfectly good airplane on the same day? My mom got hers on tape so you can be sure I'll post it once it hits Youtube.

Go get 'em!


Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Holy CRud!! Your mama went sky diving!!? WOW.

Mandi said...

I would love to see the progress on your house! It's encouraging... to see somebody making progress, cause I feel nothing's happening here! :)

RachelDenbow said...

Oooh, coming soon.

I can't wait, either.

Michelle said...

oh...lovely stitching! =) And you have been busy busy doing all sorts of fun stuff. Yay! Happy summer!

Karen (teinture@ymail.com) said...

Gorgeous Rachel!

So exciting to be doing the art journaling thing with you...I have finished a couple pages and will post them soon. Will definitely be wanting to do more classes. It's just what I needed :)

Brittany said...

Hi Rachy. How's Pony Party going? I. Want. To. See. You. And. Your. Fellas. And. Your. House. XOXOXOXO

Tess said...

Sundays post is really neat. I love Mondays post as the journal page is just the absolute best ever I've seen. What great sentiment. I'd love it as an art print. I couldn't post a comment on Mondays so I'm posting it on Sundays.
Love your blog!

killerxkim said...

i am loving your journalling pages, miss. Rachel!
i would love to do a class!