Summer Camp Registration

In case you were away this holiday weekend we're now accepting registration for our RVA Summer Camp! Details here. Because you can still go to camp from the comfort of your own computer.



julia said...

I'd love to join, just afraid I won't have enough time since job is keeping me busy... hopefully I'll have more time soon before the baby is here or even afterwards (does that sound really stupid?) ;)

Christina said...

i'm still hoping to join... gotta work out that darned budget!

Christina :o)

PickleLady said...

My hubby says I can't join any more classes or craft groups until I finish all the half-done projects around the house. That should keep me busy all summer, as I promised Thing 1 a latch hook rug of her baby picture almost 4 years ago now... (I made one of thing 2 for another class I took, and now thing 1 needs the same, of course!).

Next summer, though, I'll be organized and able to join!

Spilling Ink said...

i love that diamond piece!