Winner - Shortstack Goods
Soraia said...

smores! i love them with peanut butter and their hard to resist in the summertime for some reason!



Winner - Gingiber

Jillian said...

Mine is when we would all be in the mess hall and someone would start in with, "ride a broom around the room _________" there is a portion of the song that says "We won't shut up ti;' you get up" and if they wouldn't do it...they had to, "do it now or gargle mustard!" haha. oh camp.

I was so shy,
and happy no one ever sang the song to me!


Winner - Opposite Day

Alexis said...

oh baking for sure! and while pregnant, non-stop baking!

Winner - 365

cara said...

I've always wanted to go New Orleans for the music and architecture! And to have some Cajun food :)


Winner - Gussy

Lexi said...

ruffles, lace, and $1 vintage dresses :)


Winner - QT Kits

melissa kaye said...

I'm going with pomegranate iced tea! :-P It's delicious!


Winner - B's Wig Shoppe

Randi said...

I am currently addicted to the frozen cokes from Burger King. I dislike BK usually, but those Cokes are yummm ♥


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melissa kaye said...

Oh yay! I'm super excited! Thank you so much, Rachel! I'm sending you an email right now. :)

Christina said...

aww dern it! Maybe next time! :o)

Lexi said...

Are you kidding me...
I won something?!

cara said...

Holy cow, I am so excited! Thank you soooo much! Best day ever :)

Soraia said...

hah i'm totally in the same boat as everyone else! i always enter your giveaways in hopes of winning and was super excited when i saw my name!!


thank you!!!! & shortstack goods!