February Sponsor Giveaway Winner!


K. Fox said...

To Do List:
Coffee and a pastry.
Babysit two adorable little boys.
Stamp birthday party invitations.
Nap (3 months pregnant + one 11-month old).
Watch something silly... "King of the Hill?"
Dream of sipping lemonade freshly made in the warm spring weather.

K. Fox, congrats! You're the winner of three different prizes from my lovely February sponsors! Send me your e-mail in the next week to claim your prizes and I'll pass it along.

Thanks to everyone who entered! I hope you got some of those to do's checked off your list. ;)




Catherine Denton said...

Congratulations to K. Fox!
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Libby said...

Congratulations--and what a nicely composed 'to-do' list!

K. Fox said...

Bah! I'm so excited! Today's To-Do List:

Comfort a teething boy.
Pick out my awesome giveaway gifts to myself!
Draw new blog logo.
Comfort a teething boy.

Thanks for the beautiful gifts! I'll send my email next up. :)