Your Thoughts, Please.

I'd love to know three things from Smile And Wave readers.

1. How would you classify this blog? If you had to choose one category to fit it into, what would it be?

2. Would you like to see more craft tutorials, personal family anecdotes, vintage and visual inspiration, or a good mix of all of the above?

3. What age group/occupation/gender/family status are you? (10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+) (job, wahm, sahm, student, etc.) (female/male) (single, married, mom, etc.)

I'm just curious as to who you are and how you see my blog and what I can do to make this place even better for both of us. Thanks for the time it takes to answer these questions!



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Latrice said...

Love your blog girl!

I would classify it as a vintage crafty mix of yummy everything! ;)

I like seeing the mix of all things family crafty sewing vintage whatever. It's all good.

Last I'm a WAHM/SAHM when not busy. I'm scrapbooker/sewer/photographer and I'm 29 in 1 hour (July 19th) and I'm married to my best friend and we have two sweet babies. Annastasia 4 and George Jr. 1.

Hugs hon!

With Love, Jamie said...

I'd love to answer these questions for you! :)
1. I'd say your blog is classified as a craft blog (though, I know you blog about much more than crafts!)
2. I'm a big fan of vintage & visual inspirations!!
3. Age group: 20-30, sahm, female, married!
xx, Jamie

Unknown said...

1. in my rss reader, it's under inspirational ;)

2. I love seeing all of them that's why I say a good mix :D

3. mid-20s, bum-at-home-mom, married, loves reading and writing, occasional crafting (:

She said...

I would classify your blog as a fun mix of vintage, crafty, and family. I also like seeing the mix of it. It is nice knowing more than just here I made this or here I found this and what not. I am a Super awesome stay at home mom. I am 27 and have three kiddos ages 6,5 and 4. (soon to be 7,6 and 4). I have been married almost 8 yrs now.

annalea said...

1. hmmm. . . craft/design blog i guess. i don't know if i get the classifications though. i like how you make it personal and include general life stuff. it obviously effects design so much.

2. mix of above [or just keep on keepin' on]

3. 30-40, wahm/homeschooler, female, married

Hannah Mayo said...

1. If I had to choose one category, I would say creative mom blog. {I think that counts as one category kind of...:)}

2. A good mix. I'll always take more visual inspiration though.

3. I'm 22 years old and a photographer who happens to also write. I run my photography business from home and I stay at home with my 17 month old son. I'm married.

I enjoy reading your blog :)

Jeni Baker said...

1. Crafty Vintage
2. More crafty tutorials!
3. 20-30, student, female, not married, but attached :)

Kayla said...

1. I'd say this place is Crafty Inspiration

2. I love blogs where the blogger lets you get to know them, so I'd vote for more family anecdotals! And also tutorials. Yay for those.

3. I'm a 20's working married girl.

4. Love the Olympia, btw! I have one and I think they're pretty.

AJ said...

1. I classify it as a craft & family blog.

2. I always love more DIYs and inspiration, but your blog is wonderful as-is!

3. I'm a 24yo married female, graphic designer, Etsian, and I teach crafts online :)

Hope that helps! Take care :)

lauren ♥ said...

1. crafty mama!
2. mix it up girl! i love it all.
3. 30 year old married SAHM to a teenager and a tooddler! <3

Anonymous said...

1. inspirational

2. a good mix of all of the above :-] i love what you do with your blog.

3. 20-30 female student

hetherington said...

i am charmed by your blog on a regular basis!

i guess i'd classify it "crafty mama."

my favorites of your posts are probably the personal or family ones...i love the glimpse into someone else's life. your craft tutorials or just snaps of what you're working on are great as well.

i'm 26 years old and like to sew and read and write, taking a year off work to take care of our newborn babe.

Dita Maulani said...

First i want you to know i lloove your blog! Photography, details, words, everything!

1. This is beyond inspirational blog since i love vintage and craft. I think you blog is a one-stop inspirational blog. A warm place too.

2. I love craft and vintage therefore i want the mix of those list you've mentioned in number 2.

3. Am 22, 23 this november 2nd and i am a college student. not married but have a very lovely boyfriend. i wish to have sewing machine soon!


Janelle Wind said...

Happy to answer your survey...

1. I would call your blog inspiratonal. I think that is the perfect word.

2. I love what you are doing, so I think a good mix is perfect for me.

3. I am self employed, late 30's married female with two kids.

Thanks for all that you share with us
xx Janelle

Kristin said...

I first found your blog through Red Velvet Art so I think I would classify it as a craft blog, although it's more of a lifestyle blog.
I love just what you do know, although a little more crafting never hurt anyone. ;)

I am a soon to be SAHM (4 months) currently closing my design business of 4 years. I am 27 and have been married for 6.5 years, love to craft, decorate, and shop for vintage. :)

Love your blog!

Carol Anne said...

I would say your blog is a crafty/ family blog.

I would love to see more tutorials and vintage inspiration for sure! I love your style!

I'm 23 & a stay at home preacher's wife :)

Anonymous said...

1. Hmm probably crafty!

2. I like seeing a mix but I would also love to see more tutorials. :)

3. I 18 years old and I'm going to be a student to get my Associates in Graphic Design or Photography this October. I'm also going to be a stay at home mom starting in September (she isn't here yet lol).


sharyncarlson said...

Love your blog!! Here are my thoughts...

1. crafting
2. a mix of all of the above, please :)
3. 20-30 / working / female / married


Melody said...

1. Crafty Inspiration

2. A good mix of all - give us what you know

3. 20-30 (almost 29 specifically) Homemaker/Part-time artisan and crafter

Kat said...

I would probably class it as a craft blog.

I would definately love to see more tutorials. You always make the cutest things!

I am 22 about to turn 23 and I live on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Poor Pitiful Pearl said...

Great idea to ask!

1. Your blog is a mix of crafty inspiration and Mommy -ness! just a side note... my personal opinion... I like the mix of all of these... Blogs that tend to lean too personal all the time.. no inspirations just vent... can get over indulgent.. and blogs that are Crafty and inspiring... but don't share anything personal can become and stale and fake.. I dont have time to read many blogs... but i pop over to yours a few times a week... and I enjoy it! keep doing whatcha doin!

2. I visit because I like your inspirations and can relate as a WAHM.... I love your photos and projects too!

3. Age group: 33, WAHM, Married!

Poor Pitiful Pearl

Ariel said...


I like to think of Smile and Wave as a Creative Blog...because you aren't just crafty, but super cool as well!

I like it all...and am always impressed with what you choose to share with your readers.

I am an almost 29 year old stay at home Mom (for now) of an almost 4 year old and almost 2 year old.


tiffany. said...

oooh it's like a survey! FUN!! :))

1. life style blog. (imo)
2. visual inspiration. (thats just what i look for in a blog)
3. i am 29 and single (yikes!) and i am the owner of fancycatvintage.com and http://bestsoylatte.blogspot.com

**and one of your readers :))


Anonymous said...

1. I have it under "Crafties" on my Google reader, but I think it could fit into several categories.

2. All of the above! I love tutorials and inspiration, but I also love to hear the family stories.

3. I'm a 24-year-old nanny and also a mommy to a one-year-old little boy. I'm not married quite yet, but we're working on it. :)

Amanda Carr said...

1. Visually pleasing/inspiring. And fun!

2. A good mix of all of the above!

3. I'm 20. WAHM- sew-a-holic. female. Married 2 1/2 years and mama of 1 1/2 year old boy, Ethum Asher.


Unknown said...

I'd say it's crafty with bits of vintage & family.

I can never get enough tutorials- especially sewing. I MUCH prefer tutorials to actual sewing patterns!

I'm 28, married, no kids, work full time.

Jari said...

creative, inspiring, cute, vintagy, lovely, all things sweet.

i love the family everyday life, love the tutorials, i like it all!

i'm wahm/sahm. 28. married to a hotty. momma to 2 girlies.


Andrea said...

-I would categorize your blog as a craft/lifestyle blog.

-I like your posts about how you decorate your house and your flea market finds.

-I am a 29 yr old, single, female Springfieldian!

Amanda said...

1. Craft + inspiration

2. Always love more craft tutorials!

3. 24yo, health coach (which is a lame job title), female, married for 2 years tomorrow (July 19)

The day I discovered your blog (along with RVA - I wondered who that Rachel Denbow girl was that made the cute grey w/ yellow stitching quilt that was on sale...) I sat on my computer looking at every post in your archives. Only other time I did that was for Katie Did's blog. I love all the vintage fabric and antiques you find. But I especially love a good craft project idea =) Thanks for the endless amount of entertainment.

Jessica said...

would love to answer!

1. inspirational blog. not just in the craft/sewing world, but in life as well.

2. i love your craft tutorials. they are easy, super cute and hip. i have 3 little kiddies of my own, two of them being close to yours in age, so i also love to here about your life as mommy.

3. im 25 yrs young :), a SAHM, female, & married.


Carla said...

I read you everyday and love your style (writing, etc style)!

I would classify your blog as a lifestyle blog that is rich in visual elements, retro style and the musings of a modern, "hippie" mom. (I mean that in the most honorable, earth-respecting, thoughtful sense.)

I like what you are doing now...updates on your family life, style shots, crafty fun, etc.

I am a older mom (39) with two young kids (5 and 9 months.) I teach language arts to teens and love to craft, read, and work hard to be a mom who raises kind, creative, engaged children.

Love your blog and really enjoy the connection you have created with your readers.

Princess Jasmin said...

I would classify this as inspirational and crafty

I LOVE craft tutorials, and I'm always gathering inspiration from your blog, but your fam? UBER cute :)
I am 20-30,Part time Walmart employee, Full time Fashion student, Single female :)

Jessica McLeod said...

I'm 23, married and workin in the business world.

I love that your blog is such a good mix of craft tutorials and personal anecdotes. Always an inspiration :)

Thanks for writing.

Unknown said...

I always considered your blog one of my "crafty" reads bit I like a good mix of crafty, family stuff and vintage stuff. I work part-time and am in the 20-30 age range :o)

Tammy said...

Like other's have said, "crafty momma" with a vintage mix/inspiration.

I love the mix you already have!

26 year old married with a 1 year old boy and a bun in the oven.

Anonymous said...


I'd classify your blog as personal/craft/vintage... haha! I think you've struck a really nice balance between visual inspiration as well as your own personal stories and photos. I love seeing your home decor the best!

I'm 25, married but no kiddos yet, and I'm a full time teacher.


Unknown said...


Mix it all together

I'm a 21 yr. old female college student who loves reading blogs for inspiration and DIY fun.

I love all the aspects of your blog from the DIYs to the family photos to the inspiration eye candy posts.

Nichole Contente said...

I'm married with 3 young children, all 5 and under. I consider this a mixed blog of crafts and family life.
I do love when you post about the things that you make, but my favorite posts are your vintage finds and the photos you show of your home. I use as inspiration for decorating mine :)


Olivia said...

I too love your blog so I am coming out of my "rarely comment" mode to answer your survey!

1) I would say it's a craft & (show & tell) thrift blog

2) I would like to see more craft tutorials!

3) I'm 31 so that puts me in the 30-40 age range (yikes!! what the hell?! Am I really old enough to be on that show about depressing old people "thirtysomething"?!)
I work full time and have many crafty hobbies. Female, no kids, no fella. Geez... I'm getting more and more pathetic with every word I type!! :D

Looking forward to see what you've got up your sleeve!!


Ellen said...

1. craft / inspirational

2. I really do like all of the elements of your blog & enjoy the variety.

3. I'm female, 31, elementary school teacher, wife & hopefully will be adding "mom" to my list of roles soon.

michelle johnston said...

1. it falls under my "favorite blog to read" category...but i've already told you that. i know that doesn't help much though. it's a perfect mix of vintage, inspiration, crafting and family...i personally don't think it falls into just one category, and that's one of the things i love about it! it's always fresh.

2. as stated above i like that it's a good mix of all of the above..so if it were up to me, i'd have you keep it that way. although it would be cool to see some more tutorials :) yours are always so great!

3. i'm a single, independent woman who works full time


Anonymous said...

1. Hmm crafty, inspirational goodness!! :-)
2. Ohh I love tutorials - but a mixture of everything is great
3. I'm in the 30-40 range. A part time working mum of two school aged girls. I am married and live in New Zealand.

selver said...

Your blog inspires me: to take more care when decorating my home and to choose only the things I truly love, search out vintage and take more photos.

Am more than happy to be able to see a bit of everything on the blog.

Am Australian, early 30s, single and work and study part time.

ButterPeanut said...

1. lifestyle / inspiration / show-and-tell

2. more crafty tutorials! and cute photos of your home don't hurt either. :)

3. low-30s, not married (yet) but in a relationship, no kids (yet), scientist for a day job.

gabriella said...

I'd probably classify it as craft and lifestyle! And cute. Hahah.
I'm a big fan of the visual inspirations, and the photos and musings on your life.

I'm 18, female, and not married! Although dating a nice boy :)

Leigh-Ann said...

1. A creative woman's life who loves a lot of beautiful things (people and things).

2. I love your blog the way it is... it's one of my very favorites :)

3. 20-30, self employed, female, single, glasses.

(This is an awesome way to hear from your readers, that's one of the things i love about your blog, its warm :)

kt said...

Hi Rachel, I just love your blog I always come away feeling inspired and excited. In fact I am even trying to talk my fiance into painting a cupboard I just picked up pink :)

I guess I'd classify your blog as a home design/craft blog - although on my blog you are listed under 'inspiring' :)

I love the mix of family life and crafts - it makes it more real and personal and sweeter to read.

I'm 22/about to be a Mrs/working girl/Interior Designer/from down under :)

Esther said...

1.I would classify it as a crafty family blog. (if that makes sense)

2.I like reading about your family life and enjoy all the inspirational craftiness.The tutorials are great.

3.Im a nineteen year old student who finds herself sewing, crocheting, knitting,baking often.

I really enjoy your blog and can't wait to see what you will share next.

Marci said...

I would classify your blog as vintage handmade heaven!!

A good mix of family, crafty, thrifty stuff - love what you do!

I'm a very lucky, blessed 30-40SAHM to 2 great kiddos.

Keep up the great work!

Ema said...

1. Crafty/ Eye candy

2. Tutorials, I love your family posts too. There are a lot of crafty blogs that are beautiful and inspirational but I have no idea who is behind the blog. I love your decorating style, very approachable maybe you can give us some tips on that.

3. I am 28, graphic designer, married with two kids. During naps and in the middle of the night I crochet like a mad woman for my etsy shop. I love all things handmade.

I love your blog. Thank you for the time you put into it.

taylah said...

im not exactly sure how to categorise your blog- i love how it is a mix of all things nice.

My favourite bits are craft tutes, family stories and cute vintage finds, and i am 14, which puts me in the 10-20 catergory :)

Tameeka said...

Hi Rachel
I would put your blog in the Homey/crafty/family category
I love the mix you have going at the moment but always love more tutorials.
I am 24, married and work full time out of home. (cant wait for the stay at home mum time tho. :)
Meeks xo

courtney.janelle.sews said...

1) family-friendly crafty lifestyle blog

2) keep up the good work

3) 20s/work from home/female/single (with boyfriend)

love*4*whimsy said...

1. Inspirational. Listed under favorites in my reader. :)
2. I love the mix you have going now. So fun to read.
3. Early 30's (33... I can still say early right?!?) HA! Corporate girl here (otherwise known as IT geek). Married.

Stéphanie said...

1. I´d say you have a craft-family blog.

2. I would love some more craft tutorials of inspiration ideas. But I love your personal stuff as well.... so euhm, yes a mix please :-)

3. 20-30, female, single


Debi said...

I haven't classified your blog in my favorite list...it stands alone, because it is a perfect mix of crafty, family, inspirational, etc.! I wouldn't change a thing & I thank you for it. I check in every day!

I am 56 yrs., retired,(early, due to nagging, but not serious, health issues) married, mother of 2 grown children, & I sew, quilt, craft, cross stitch & make cards.

Anonymous said...

1. craft and daily life blog

2. a mix of all 3!

3. 20-30, currently a cashier, going to school for cosmetology, female, not married but not single =)

Kleine Wunder überall said...

1. It's hard to classify it. I started to read your blog because I was looking for good craft blogs.

2. I'd love to see more craft tutorials and vintage/visual inspiration.

3. I am 25 years old, female and study maths and English to be a teacher. I live in Germany, together with my BF.

Unknown said...

I would say yours is a craft/lifestyle blog. I love that you mix the two because too much of one thing causes a burnout. Plus I love to see how different people live.

I'm a 26 year old female, army wife, work with children, living in Italy. But who knows where we'll be next year at this time.

Anonymous said...

1. crafty mama
2. i love your family posts! but i also think you do a good mix of all the things you mentioned, and i hope it stays that way :)
3. 20-30, Masters student, knitter

SoOhCliché said...

The category ? Creative !
I would definitely love to see a mix of all the above !
And I'm in the 20-30 age group, female, not married but attached.

Have a lovely day ! A reader from Paris, France :)

Emmy said...

I find it so hard to classify these things but:
1. Your blog inspires me with it's quirky crafty goodness. Is that a classification?!
2. I love what you do. I discovered the joy of following blogs when I found RVA, you, Holly and Elsie on the same day, and you guys have been part of my life since! I now follow loads of blogs but will always, ALWAYS open and read any from you guys. It makes me crazily happy :)
3. I'm single, 34, in New Zealand. I work promoting mission and getting people placements overseas. Craft & baking is my inspiration, if I ever get free time ;)
Thanks for being part of my life!

Shannon said...

Coming out of lurkdom just for you!

1. I have your blog in my "crafty inspiration" folder in reader. I think that sums it up nicely for me.

2. I love it all, from pics of sweet Ruby to your cute crafts and vintage finds. All of it!

3. I am 27, married with 2 kids, and a current SAHM with a budding Etsy shop.

Don't remember how I found you...but I have been reading for ages, and I adore your blog!

Bri Bri said...

Hi! Your blog is great! I love everything about it!

1. I'd classify it as awesome. :) I'm not sure what else I'd classify it as...

2. I like the mix of everything. Hearing about your family adventurs is very inspiring to me and I love your vintage posts. I love DIYs. I could always have more of those.

3. I'm almost 26. I've been dating my boyfriend for 4 years and hope to have a family similar to yours someday. :) And I'm currently a part-timer working 2 jobs in the retail/banking world. I'd mainly classify my status as "looking for a career." I also have an Etsy shop that I'm trying to get on its feet.

I hope this helps! :)

garcia.sol said...

I'd say your a craft, design, and life blog, a well rounded mix!

You should keep doing what you are, a mix of tuts and family info nd vinatage buys because they all give me new craft ideas!

I'm 25, in a relationship, not married, no kids, and am a primary school teacher.

Evie said...

1. I'd say Craft Blog.

2. I'd love a yummy mix full of All The Above!

3. 10-20 And student :)

Sarah M said...

1) an 'artsy' blog. Half vintage/pretty half DIYs. Love it!
2) I really like all of the above. Seriously. But I do REALLY like your homemade crafts. No ones are as pretty as yours! :)
3) I am a 25 yr old SAHM to 2 kids in the midwest.

Sarah M

Unknown said...

1. A crafty thrift blog
2. I love a mix of it all!
3. 24 years - SAHM, etsy shop owner, military spouse :-)

Kellie said...

1. crafty inspiration

2. love the mix you've got now

3. i'm a 33 yr old, married, sahm with 3 (6, 5 and 2).

LOVE your blog!!

Dixie said...

I just love your blog.

1. Craft

2. Mix of all - would love to see more scrapbook related stuff.

3. 40-50 married female

Debi said...

1. creative inspiration

2. all of the above--seriously, I love your blog just the way it is

3. 46-year-old, married, three munchkins, homeschooler

Thank you, Rachel. For all the inspiration.

Amber Bockman said...

It's a whole gamut of things, and I love it. I love your blog the way it is, I of course wouldn't mind more projects, but I love the photography that you do.
I'm a student on cosmetology school, and I'm 23 almost 24 in August. married to an amazing geeky man and we have 1 little girl named Adelle. Your blog is one I view the most, I love it so much! have an awesome monday

felix and lily said...

1. I would say, crafty mama + life :)

2. I like a combination of all, but maybe a few more tutorials. the first thing i ever sewed was a jumper from your tutorial!

3. i'm an australian 23 yr old, married with an almost-two-year-old.

this is my first time commenting but i have loved your blog for ages <3

Kyla Roma said...

I would put you in craft & inspirational

I love the mix of all of the topics, the variety is great.

I'm 20 - 30, married, working & freelancing :)

Stacy said...

I'd classify you as an entrepreneur. I'm mid-30s, working mom, crafting for hobby. A mix of all you've been doing would be great.

jackiebean said...

hi, keep up the great work on your blog! it's such a lovely place to visit.

1. i see smile and wave as a 'creative lifestyle' blog.

2. a mix of everything you mentioned. i have to say, that while i enjoy a good tutorial, i rarely have the time to do them myself. but i love looking at the photos! more vintage love and vignettes are always a plus!

3. i am 20-30, female, married work-at-home artist.


Laura said...

i think of it as a mix and love it all mixed up. i particularly love diy's though:).

i am a 20-30 sahm w/ two babies.

♥ Carrie Shan said...

1. Handmade WAHM inspiration!
Very inspirational! Love your style. Very Creative!

2. I love all that you share...keep up the good work.

3. 30, SAHM....aspiring WAHM, craftepreneur.

Melissa Crowe said...

I see your blog as eclectic--a mix of family, vintage, and craft, with, I'd say, heavy emphasis on family life. I think the mix is great, though I wouldn't mind seeing more crafty projects--you have such a great eye!

I'm 35, a part-time on-line professor of English AND a stay-at-home-mom, as well as a "maker."

astr!d said...

1. i think of your site as just inspiration. in sewing, thrifting, and vintage yummies!
2. i love your tuts. and i couldn't do summer camp or home ec BUT hopefully i can let go of some $$ in the future and participate. i think its so cool that you do these online programs!
3. im a 31 yo from batesville, arkansas. im married with 2 great kiddos and i work outside the home and craft, sew, paint as much as possible while im at home.
i really enjoy your website and i think your just cute as a button momma!!!

amy D said...

I'm a 'save the best for last' kind of girl, and i always save your read for last in my reader *grin*
i love the mix. my faves though are probaby your crafty projects/tutorials.
i'm 24, married, practically begging the hubby for kiddos :)

Julie said...

I love your blog, Rachel!

I am 33, married for ten years, mom to one daughter (7). I work from home.

I love all three of the categories you posted about. I think you post just enough personal info about yourself/life that the reader can connect with you as a person, but you don't get too personal, which can be good! ;) I love the inspirations you post and I LOVE your tutorials.

I would classify your blog as crafty/vintage/inspirational.

I know I answered your questions out of order. :)

hollywilde said...

I would classify the blog as family life/craft/inspiration/vintage

I really enjoy the tutorials and inspirations as it gives me the confidence to havea go myself!

I am 19 and a fine art student and soon-to-be mother and engaged!

Big Yellow Dog said...

I love your blog!
I'd classify it as a creative blog, since it's more than a craft blog.
I love seeing your vintage finds and tutorials. I especially like posts about your home decor. It's super inspiring, especially since I don't have the budget to go out and buy all new stuff for our home. You've really helped me foster a love for vintage housewares and the idea of filling my home with vintage and made over items.
I'm a 23 year old married mama, working full time right now in a Montessori school and a soon to be graduate student.

robin said...

an inspirational blog for sure

love seeing your handmade goodies and style decor whether personal or in the home..nobody does it better and of course your photography always lifts me in so many ways..and I do love the way you incorporate "vintage"

I'm a medical technologist and mother of 5 ages 10 to 22 and in the older bracket almost 50..ugg and I truly love your blog!

tamara said...

Your blog is probably in my top three blogs!
I would classify as life inspiring. Whether its crafting, parenting, or being a WAHM, you kinda cover it all.

I like to see a mix off everything. I love to see all the vintage goodies that you hunt down.

I'm a SAHM most of the time. I'm a fitness instructor but that only takes up an hour or two a week. I'm 23 years old, married and have a ONE year old son. Yikes, I don't have a baby anymore:(

Everything you do on this blog is inspiring and amazing! Keep it up!

Jackie said...

1. I would classify it mostly as a craft blog.

2. I think you capture the best mix of everything. I love it all!

3. I'm in the 20-30 age group, working, and unmarried but in a serious relationship.

jessica said...

I read your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY! Smile and Wave is the first blog I look at every morning at work...and often throughout the day too! I feel like we are really good friends...I love all the family anecdotes, and REALLY love the vintage/thrifty stuff, photos and crafts/tutorials. I don't know what WAHM/SAHM means, but I am 30, married for 1 month and trying to get pregnant! I work full time at a children's museum, part time at a children's boutique and I have a crafty little business too! I love your inspiration! Thanks for everything Rachel!

Veronica said...

1. I have my bookmarked/favorite blogs organized into 3 categories: Food, Crafts, and Fashion. Yours is in the "Crafts" folder. :)

2. I love that your blog is a mix of everything - keep it up!

3. I'm 25, student, single female.

Lane said...

1. Inspirational from the vintage to the parenting posts

2. I like all of your posts

3. I am 28, WAHM plus a part time job, plus a grad student. I am married and have 2 babes Matias, 3.5 and Emiliana 16mo.

holakelsey said...

1. I would say your blog is a mix of a craft blog and a living blog. You share a lot of your life experiences as well as latest craft ideas.

2. I would like to see a good mix of all, but especially craft tutorials. I love how your blog is now, but I also think it never hurts to get more fun craft inspiration.

3. I am a 19 year old female college student.

Elle said...

1. Classification: Crafty living :)

2. I love craft tutorials! I also love your vintage & visual inspirations, a LOT. Your family is so beautiful too, so leaving them out would be a shame. Can we have all 3?

3. I'm pushing 30 (yikes!), work full time (boo) and write full time for a couple of magazines (some day, that will be all I do!), married about a year ago, no kids yet, but 2 kitties and a 70 pound pup :)

Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

1. crafty/inspirational

2. I like a good mix. I no longer read any crafty blogs that don't share about themselves as well.

3.I am a married 27 year old woman. I am an Early Childhood Special Education teacher. I like to get artsy once in a while.

Kristin Ann said...

You have one of my "must read every post" blogs.

1. I'd say inspirational blog in that you are a mix of craft, vintage, and family

2.I love the mix you have now...perfect balance

3. I am a 35 year old married female professional

Unknown said...

1. I actually have you in my 'inspirational' category in Reader. you inspire me in your gardening, living real, crafty, & travels.

2. a good mix of all of the above! I think you are doing a fabulous job!!! there is never a day that I think "why did she post that??" LOL

3. 30-40, married female, childcare provider in Iowa, no children by fertility issues.

Stacey @ Riedmiller's Room said...

I would say this blog is a crafty/inspirational blog.

I would love to see more flea market/ vintage type finds, but I do love all the DIY tutorials and things like that.

I work part-time right now and I just graduated from college two months ago. I'm looking for a full-time teaching job in Ohio, but it's not looking pretty.

I am 25 and I am married with a 13 month old daughter!

alyssa johns said...

i would classify it as a an artsy craft blog. i love seeing the projects and tutorials you are working on.
i am 27 year old teacher, married, no kids, and love to make stuff!

alyssa johns said...

i would classify it as a an artsy craft blog. i love seeing the projects and tutorials you are working on.
i am 27 year old teacher, married, no kids, and love to make stuff!

Liz said...

I would classify you as a craft blog primarily.
I love the mix of subjects you have going here, mommy crafter with a vintage bent!

I'm a SAHM, female, married, 26 years. Two boys ages almost 1 and 4. I like to craft when there's time, but I usually end up reading during most free moments.

Nicole said...

I would classify this blog as crafty, with a cute vintage vibe. I like the mix you have going. I would love to see more tutorials, just because I love what you do!

I'm 25, married, full-time job, no babies yet.

Katie said...

Your blog lives under my "inspiration" category in Google Reader (and is definitely one of my favorites).

I like a nice mix of things. Tutorials, inspiration and personal. Your family stories & pictures always make me smile. You have the most adorable kids ever.

And I'm 25, married with a job. (I like to think of being crafty as my real "profession").

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog for what it is. A perfect family blog that makes me look forward to being a mom. Your mixture of topics is perfect. You're different from everyone else by not making it about crafting all the time.

I'm 21, about to turn 22 in a few days, legally single but have been with my boyfriend for over 3 years and i'm a student.

Katie said...

I think I'd class your blog as crafty inspiration mainly, but it wouldn't be the same without your family anecdotes, love it all!

I'm 20-30, female, married and working from home in the UK. Though not a mum, maybe in a year or two!

Kalen said...

1. I'd say crafty mom blog.

2. I'd like to see more tutorials on all things- but don't go stop with the personal family anecdotes.

3. I am a 20-30 married working girl who crafts on the weekends.

Jen said...

Love your blog, I've been following for a couple of years now. I would label your blog as art/craft/inspiration. I like seeing the mix of your vintage finds, creative endeavors, tutorials, and family life. I'm a stay home mom in my late twenties. I'm into photography, mixed media collage, sewing, and embroidery.

Jingle said...

I classify you as an 'artsy peeps' kinda blog. You live an artistic life and so your blog is about that and it's many facets!

I like the mix. Tutorials are always fun, but a lot of work on your part.

I am a wife of 10 years. I have two black labs. No kids. Don't want them. Maybe one later, but no promises. I love creating and I love being inspired. I love etsy and discovering other artsy peeps. I'm 31 years old. I am into paper crafting, art dolls, photography, and other random stuff.

Tisha said...

1. I say a vintagy crafty blog.. if you can say that.
2. A good mix of everything is always the best.
3. I'm a 20-30 married mom of 2.
Thanks for the daily inspiration!

Laurie said...

I love, LOVE, love your blog.

1. I would classify it as a a crafty/eye candy (your posts are always so visually pleasing!) blog.

2. I would love to see more tutorials, but mainly just a great mix of everything.

3. I'm in the 20-30 age group/on staff with a college ministry/female/single, but attached. :)

Did I mention I love your blog?

MilliD said...

1. Hmmm...hard to categorize your blog, but that's why I like it! I would say crafty/vintage/SAHM inspiration. lol
2. Love the mix of topics, but I wouldn't mind if you threw in another crafty tutorial here and there.
3. I am in the 40-50 yr-old group (20-30 on the INSIDE lol), WAHM with 2 teenage boys.

Lauren VanDerwerken said...

i think your blog is artistic and creative!

i like everything, family, tutorials (more please! ;), and inspiring things.

i am in the 15-20 age group but i loooove vintage and making crafty things ever since i got a sewing machine for christmas when i was 11.

haha making crafty things gives me something to do as i am in the "only bird left in the nest for the next three years situation."

love the blog! xoxoxo lauren

EliseBlaha said...


love the current mix

25, work at home, married

xo, elise

kirstinlouise said...


1) i would say that your blog is crafty and creative :)
2) i love the visuals (photographs) and DIY tutorials :)
3) i am a 17 year old girl from south africa who only discovered this blog three days ago and absolutely loves it :) i am still a high school student


Kaitlyn Rose said...

I'd classify your blog as: design, homemade, mom/family.

2. I'd love to see more tutorials for the items you put together for your family. I like really practical crafts and homemade goodies.

3. 24 year old, single female. I work for a non-profit organization, and I love to craft in my free time!

Schaneon said...

1. Crafty vintage
2. I like a good mix
3. I'm a 28 year old SAHM of two little girls :)

Unknown said...

I think what makes your blog so fascinating is that it is just you sharing about your life, and that human element is what draws me in. I don't really know how I would classify it other than just a woman's blog about her loves and interests. And of course it helps that your blog is pretty to look at.

I am a stay at home mom, and I work from home as well. I sew woman's and children's clothing and bags, and I also am a photographer. I have a blog too. My little Piper girl is 14 months old.

Take care Rachel, I am really glad that you share your life with others.

Unknown said...

First, I love your blog! Second, don't change a thing ;)

When I think of your blog, I think vintage craftiness galore...LOVE it!

I'm 33, working mama to Penelope(5)& Gregory Jr. (18 months), wifey to Greg. Love thrifting, all things crafty, photography and anything that requires me to be in the kitchen.

I love reading your blog...it's the perfect escape during my hard time in Cubicle Hell.

shelby said...

1. Either Inspirational or Crafty Lifestyle

2. I love how it's a good mix of all of those!

3. 20-30/sahm/female/married

I love your blog! You are so creative and it's fun to watch your family grow.

Anonymous said...

I would classify your blog as vintage, crafty, mommy!!

I like seeing the mix of everything, love seeing your vintage finds, and craft projects.

I am a married working mom of a 18 month old in the 25-30 range.

I am a scrapbooker, crafter, just learned to knit and crochet, wanting to learn to sew, wishing I had more time to do all of these.

I think that about covers it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel! Hope you are having a fun trip :) Here's my answers for you...

1. Crafty

2. Keep doing what you are doing...I love your mix of everything...you know I love your blog ;)

3. I am 34, engaged, an artistic/crafty work-from-home mum, with 2 kiddies (boy 8 and girl 6).

Looking forward to seeing/reading all about your road trip here when you get back.

Karen xx

margot said...

1. home decor/craft blog with a touch of mommy-hood!

2. a good mix of all of the above. honestly, i adore your blog and wouldn't change a thing!

3. I'm a 27yr old designer/illustrator. and i'm not married yet. or a mom yet :-)

what is a wham?

Katie said...

*research time*

1. I would classify this as a personal/lifestyle blog with a focus on crafts.

2. I love your projects and would like to see more!

3. Mid-20's, working, single lady with a sweet boyfriend.

I do want to say that I am probably in the minority of your readers, (since I am not married and do not have children) but I still really enjoy seeing the projects you do for/with your kids and all the family content in general. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself & family!

Chloe Miklos said...

I only recently started following your blog, but...
1. I would classify it as an inspirational/craft blog.

2. I love a good mix, variety is healthy and keeps a blog interesting!

3. I'm 14, lover of sewing, painting, (basically everything artsy) ballet, blogging, and all things vintage. :)

I think it's a really great idea to do a survey of such like this one. It's a wonderful way to learn more about your readers and see the variety of followers you have.

Unknown said...

Happy to help! I'd class your blog as a crafty one and I like the mix you write about/share at the moment. The family anecdotes are especially adorable. I fit 20-30, working full-time, female, married.

Anonymous said...

I would say craft blog with vintage style mixed in.

I would love to see more tutoritals.

I'm 30 and a wahm of 3.

Heather said...

Hi Rachel!
I'm Heather and I live in Leeds (England.) Your blog is one of my favourites :)
I would label it an inspirational blog, mostly crafty and always visually inspiring.
I love reading about your family (I think you parenting style is ace) and I love seeing your vintage finds. I enjoy reading you craft tutorials as well.

I like to read a mix of all of the things you listed, perhaps a slight leaning towards family anecdotes.

I am 24 and I am married, attempting to buy a house, thinking of starting a family, and working as a temp in a bank :)

I hope that helps! oh and I have a blog as well, www.littletinbird.co.uk and my hobbies are crochet and photography.

Carly said...

hi there! i'd classify this blog as a good mix of fun, vintage-y, real life goodness. and i'd definitely like to see a mix of all of those things on the blog! I'm in the 20-30 group, a graduate student, female and in a relationship.

love your blog! :)

Amy said...

1. vintage & art
2. artsy journaling type stuff :)
3. 24 single graduate student who paints silly things and visits springfield MO in her spare time. :)

Dallin and Janelle Lewis said...

Fantastic blog, one of my favorites out there.
1. I'd classify it as mostly a crafty blog. Of course there's lots more, but if I had to pick one that would be it.
2. I love tutorials, but I also love inspiration and looking at pretty things. I also REALLY appreciate family stories because I like to see other real Moms able to be creative and still spend quality time with their kids.
3. 20-30, SAHM, female, married.

michelou said...

1. I would classify your blog as crafty with a side of vintage love from the perspective of a mom.

2. I love the craft tutorials and hearing about your family. We are about to have our first and hearing your stories about raising kids has been a great insight.

3. I'm 26, married with a little boy on the way (end of Nov). I work from home (real estate sales & marketing) and after about 6 months of maternity leave (can't wait!) I will continue to work from home.

Kristen said...

I love your blog, one of my favs for sure!
1. Its hard to classify it into one category.. Its a crafty design blog with a side of family!
2. I would love to see more tutorials PLEASE!
3. Im a 27yr old living with my boyfriend and our puppy in Chicago.. I love crafting an recently learned how to knit and now would love to learn to sew! Hopefully I will be taking your Home Ec class!!

♥Lizzy said...

Hi Rachel!

1. I don't think I can classify your blog into only one category, so I'd say thrifty/vintage/crafty/mama blog.:)

2. You already share a great mix with us so keep as is!

3. I'm in the 30-40 age group, a full-time student,female, married mother of one tween.

Amber said...

Rachel...Your blog is my absolute favorite! I think your blog would be classified as home inspiration/craft. I love to read everything you post about.

I honestly think your mix of topics is great. I love the personal posts and especially the craft and home decorating ones.

I am a married gal with no kiddos...yet! Keep up the great blogging!

Ashley said...

1. I would have to go with craft/lifestyle type. (Does that exist?)

2. I think a good mix of everything- those are my favorite types of blogs.

3. 20-30, female, married, USAF, no kids, just a cat!

Mel said...

Um I'm going to be the bad student and go out of order by answering the 2nd question first. I love the perfect little mix of everything you have goin' on here. I would classify it as a crafty blog. I am a SAHM who is in that 30-40 category although i am WAAAAYYY closer to the 30 point and had to write that b/c it makes me feel much better;)
Married too:)

AlliT said...

Family and Craft Blog... ;)

I love all of the things you show us already!! Keep it coming!!

I am a female, SAHM, 30 something, widow...

You really inspire me every day and more importantly make me smile!! Keep up the good work!!!

Angela Anne said...

01. your blog is vintage meets diy meets family fun

02.i think the mix you have going on now is great and i'd love to see more of it!- a bit more vintage inspiration and tutorials

03. i'm 20-30, female, single technically, student!

p.s. new blog!: www.angiedarling.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

1. I really think that this is a crafty blog with a strong family life vibe to it.

2. I really like the steady mix you have going on now.

3. What age group/occupation/gender/family status are you?
I am a nineteen year old, committed, female college student.

Unknown said...

thanks for asking!

1. crafty momma blog sums it up perfectly! (sorry i can't choose between the crafty or the momma. you do both so well!)

2. i like a mix of everything. as a mom, i especially love to hear about your triumphs with your kids. it's uplifting and humbling to hear that other moms have less-than-perfect days but also come up with really creative ways to parent.

3. i am a (almost married) mom of 2, age 25. i am a graphic designer for a living but i crochet and do photography in my spare time.

Whimsical Woodland said...

A wonderful mis-match of all things home, vintage, diy projects, and family.

Personally I love tutorials, but a good mix of all the above would be perfect!

I'm a single, 30 year old receptionist. Your blogs is one of my sweet escapes from the reality of the insurance business.

Your blog is perfect as it is! Hope this helps in your research!

Stephanie said...

I'm a relatively new reader, but love your blog/style.

1. crafty/vintage/retro

2. Love your blog as it is, but love love love craft tutorials

3. 30-40, fulltime writer, female, married with 8 and 6 year old girls

Donna's Decembers said...

1) I would classify this as a personal/crafty blog. Most of the crafts are family centered, so it's hard to leave that out.

2) I would like to see more craft tutorials that are more home decor related!

3)I am a 25 year old female, high school English teacher, newlywed, who loves to crochet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, thanks for asking for our input. I've been reading all the RVA ladies' blogs for a couple years now, and I have to say I love yours the most. I love your photos, your family updates and think you have a nice, well-balanced, well-rounded blog! Here's my answers.

1. Craft Inspiration

2. Please keep up the good mix you have going, some craft tutorials would be nice too :) I always love trying new things.

3. What age group/occupation/gender/family status are you? female, 30-40, work-part time in an office and freelance from home part time, Mom to an 8 year old and a 3 year old, married for 12 years!

Laura said...

1. I classify Smile and Wave as a craft and inspiration blog
2. Personal anecdotes and craft tutorials
3. 20-30/working/female/married w/ no kids

Tanya said...

I would say it's a craft/sewing blog most of all. I love everything you post, but I really love the sewing tutorials/projects or paintings or other crafty things you come up with. It's very inspiring for me. I'm 26 in 9 days, I'm married with 3 kids ages 6 to 2. I stay at home except 2 days a week help my husband out with his business. I love your blog for the creativity, but also because you have kiddos too. I don't know a lot of young moms with kids in my 'real' life! :)

Erika M. said...

I really like your blog the way it is. I'm sure I would be the one to classify your blog since I didn't know that there are classifications. A wife and mother to one child ( daughter)- I teach science - I'm 36.

geek details said...

I would call your blog craft inspiration.

I'd love to see more tutorials, especially sewing ones. I suck at sewing despite trying to learn how to use my machine.

I'm a 27 year old married momprenuer. I work from home on my own store and have two boys.

megan haughery said...

just spent like an hour on your blog yesterday perusing the archives. :)

love all your home decor postings. and your craft ideas. always so tasteful and inspiring.

the mix is fab. my fav are your personal craft/home posts. keep 'em coming!

i'm a 30 yr old mom to 4. married. with a photog business on the side.

Unknown said...

One of my top ten favorite blogs...
1. I say a little of everything although the tutes are my favorite!
2. I'm in the 20-30 group, I work outside of the home, and am currently single. I love crafting and am very interested in your Home Ec class!
Much love...

Silvitanova said...

Hey Rachel,
1.This blog is in my craft-blog folder. First, a long time ago, it was in my scrapbook-folder...
2.I like your tutorials and visual inspiration a lot and since we were pregnant in the same time; I love to read about your family to.
3. I'm a mother of 2 (11m and 6y), I work outside of my home for 32hours a week. 37y and married.

rae said...

I've never commented before, so this is a nice opportunity to do so. I love your blog! Its like flipping through a really good magazine.

1. I would classify it as a style/craft blog.

2. It is a perfect mix of all you mentioned. Would love to see more photos of your home decor, findings, and projects. (a tutorial on making granny squares would be AWESOME!)

3. I'm a 33 sahm, with 4 kids and we live in Orange County, CA.

Nyssa said...

I would classify your blog as simply awesome. Love it.

I prefer blogs that have some variation...and those that use their own images-- not just picking up other people's images from photo sharing sites. Love the vintage, sewing, crafty stuff, anecdotes....

I am 41, married, new blogger, part time manager of a chic hotel, childless, lover of all things vintage, crafty and otherwise inspiring.

Anonymous said...

1. I think I would say your blog is a mix of visual inspiration, family and design, but I'm not sure..

2. I'd love to see more craft projects & tutorials. I *love* your style, and your crafts are always so lovely and pretty!

3. I'm 18, almost a college student (eeek! it sounds SO weird to think of me as a 'college student', especially because English is not my mother tongue and the word 'college' has weird associations for me... makes me think of those colleges in movies... :) ) female and single.

Thanks for keeping your blog, Rachel :).

danamite said...

1. Lifestyle blog - way more than just craft inspiration

2. I like to follow your passions so keep a mix up

3. 32 years old, just married (July 9th actually), working lady, no kids

Jaimie said...

In my reader, I have it classified as "crafty." Obviously this is not all that I would use to describe your blog, but in short, that's what I call it.

I like when you show your sewing projects and your kids.

I'm a 22 year old SAHM, engaged.

hope this helps! jaimie

Mini & Mod said...

I love your blog!

I would classify it as a creative, diy, mom sort of blog. Not stuffy mom with marth stweart catalog, awesome mom that lets her kids paint even though it's messy sort of blog.

I love the diy things especially the party decorations/recipes. I am having a Mad Iced Tea Party for my friends soon and you have really inspired me.

I'm an 18 year old single student that is currently loving life.

Shelby said...

This is fun, and a good idea :D

1. I would classify this blog as a crafty, vintage and family blog.

2. More crafty tutorials would be appreciated.

3. I am a single female student age 18

Alexandria said...

1. This blog is bookmarked in two place, my daily inspirational folder and sewing folder. Two times the love!

2. The main reason I keep coming back is the mixture of personal updates, your fun style and the amazing crafts. I like variety.

3. I'm an 24 year old, single young lady.

Juliette said...

1. Your blog is a craft blog to me.
2. I love the tutorials!
3. I'm from Belgium, Europe. I'm 26 and have a lovely babyson Lou with my big love Stijn. I can't remember how I found your blog but i love it!
I wish you all the luck with everything!

sarahjanepeck said...

1. I would call it an indie-chic blog. There's always something appealing for those interested in "quirky" (I hate this word) and art loving readers. It's like an artsy mixtape: art, music, DIY, vintage, crafty, etc.

2. I love anything tutorial so I would like those, as well as visual/vintage inspiration. But emphasis on tutorials!

3. I'm a 21-year-old female student/blogger who has two and a half years until graduating with a graphic design degree!

Anonymous said...

1. in my blog reader program i have you listed as "crafty blogs"
2. i love the mix you have going now but i will say every time you post a tutorial or pictures of projects you are working on i get more excited than usual to read it!
3. 25/reporter and craft booth owner/female/non-wife and non-mom (yet haha)

kristin said...

Your blog is one of my favorites, and one I really look forward to seeing pop up in my feeds!

1. Hard one to classify - I've been putting my blogs into folders in Google Reader, and yours is one I haven't categorized yet. "Crafty Inspirational" is a good label I saw someone else say, or "Crafty Mama."

2. You have a perfect mix of topics now! Keep it up! :)

3. I'm a 28 year old married mama of a 2 year old with another baby on the way. I work 4 days a week at a desk job, and am home with my daughter on Fridays. I took up sewing about a year ago and got totally hooked, and am always hunting for tutorials/inspiration/handmade ideas.

Thanks for your great work and sharing your life with us! :)

Anonymous said...

First off, I love love love reading your blog and have for a while!

If I had to fit your blog into one category, I guess it would be Inspirational. From the crafty things to the personal stuff - it's always inspiring!

I think you've got a great mix of everything going on and I love that! I love all seeing the crafts and visual inspiration plus the personal family things make it special. Please don't change a thing!

Lastly, I'm a 25 year old SAHwife/former Interior Designer. My husband is an Active Duty Army Soldier who is currently deployed to Afghanistan. No little ones yet...

Hope this helps!

Miss Money said...

1. a lifestyle blog
2. I like the mix...photos, crafts, tutorials, home decor, family....If you love it, I appreciate the peak at your life.
3. I'm 20-30 taken(not married, but might as well be) female, no human kiddos, just a small petting zoo

cowboybunny said...

I would classify it as a crafty/mommy/vintage blog

I like the mix you do. Maybe a few more crafty tutorials.

I am a SAHM. I am an embroiderer/sewer/etsy seller/ 29 year old mom to a 6, 4, and 2 year old.

Connally said...

I would classify it as a fun DIY crafty blog with the occasional family angle thrown in.

I love the balance of the things that you are currently at, but more quirky crafts and vintage inspiration would be welcome.

I am a twenty-one year old, single, female, working student.

Love all your stuff! ♥

Ashley said...

1. I'd put your blog under the "crafty" category, though you blog about more than just crafty things.

2. A good mix of everything!! I love that you have crafty post's, vintage love posts, and family post's. Keep it up!

3. I'm 17, a senior in high school; a lover of photography, vintage goodies, and crafty things. :)

Suzanna Knight said...

1. can I classify it as awesome? I would say vintage/crafts/arts inspiration. Which is kind of more than one category but we can pretend it isn't.

2. the mix you're going with now is perfect.

3. I'm a 23 year-old, single, happy art student

Allyson said...

1.I would classify it as (my favorite) inspiration crafty blog.
2. I love reading about your family and seeing all the pictures. It feels "friendly" to read the blog. More tutorials would be fun though!
3. I'm a part time teacher with a part time etsy shop; age 22. Engaged, no kiddos, but two dogs if that counts ;-)

letter A studio said...

I read your blog lots & lots. I love it:D

1. I'd say your blog is a perfect mix of everyday inspo (from yourself & others) with crafty projects.

2. I like the mix of posts you've got now. You share just enough crafty & just enough personal.

3. I'm a married 32 yr. old sahm with 4 kiddos.

Keep up the fabulous work!!

Casey said...

1. I think it's a crafty mom/personal blog

2. I like all those things, so a good mix of all above.

3. 20-30, SAHM, female, almost married (we will get to that, eventually)

Rachel said...

Love your blog...it's one of my daily reads!
I would classify it as a all of the above. I love your vintage, crafty inspiration the most.
I am 29...almost 30...yikes
A wife and stay at home mama to 2 little kiddos (ages 2 and 4)
Your blog brightens my day!!!
Thank you!

Allyouneedislove said...

creative blog, i like seeing a mic , but alot of blogging not just once a week, im 19 a student and female and single

Michelle said...

Love your blog!
1) I think you blog about things your love. . . which is why I like your blog. . . because it represents different things in your life (but I really love the crafting tutorials)
2) I like the mix :)
3) I am in my twenties and my hubby and I are expecting our first in November then I will be a SAHM.

Malori said...

1. I generally check your blog for the DIYs and for inspiration. Your composition in your photos is great :).

2. More craft tutorials! Although I suppose the mix is really for the best :)

3. I'm 20, a full time student, and a single lady.



Oh! And I love your blog enough to pay for an ad on it. So that must say a little somethin' somethin' :)

fabulousmrsg said...

I would classify your blog as vintage inspired crafty fabulousness.

I love the visuals but I find that your posts are always a good mix of everything. Your little ones are ADORABLE and I love when they make appearances!

I am a SAHM, married, age group 30 something.

Your blog is one of my favorite daily reads, keep the good stuff coming!

Lesley said...

you're already had a ton of response... it's obvious when first visiting your blog what's important to you: family & crafting.

i live in springfield, as well so i love reading about the real life and when you mention something/somewhere knowing exactly what you're talking about! it's kind of neat.

i'm a sucker for a good real, life blog instead of something that is JUST crafting, food, home design, fashion etc. i think you have a nice balance going on here. :) i enjoy reading and often find myself wishing i was as crafty as you!

Sara said...

1. Crafty/Family
2. I like a mix of everything. I think your blog should reflect you so if your life involves all of those things, then bring it on!
3. 30 years old, female, working woman, married and Moma to a 16 month old.

Kelsey said...

I have Smile and Wave under "Crafts" in my reader, even though I still read it for everything!

I think you have a great balance of life and crafty things, but I don't get tired of diy project ideas.

Finally, I'm a 21-year-old female student in a long-term relationship.

I love your blog! [:

tess said...

I would classify your blog as a lifestyle blog. Just because it showcases interests and important aspects of your unique life.

Personally, my favourite part is the craft tutorials and inspirations, although I love hearing about your family as well, it makes you more relatable and seem more "real".

I am an early 20s female librarian. I just graduated with a ed degree. I am not married, but not single

Anonymous said...

A personal blog focused on craft, diy, and art related media and how you see it/use it in your daily life.

I enjoy all three, would love to see more tutorials! Can't get enough of those. Plus I love your color schemes, they are fantastic!

I'm 24, work a full-time job, no kids, not married but in a five year relationship <3

Dawn said...

We'll I'll be very very honest here. I don't think I'd change one thing about your blog. I have been a fan for some time now, and have really enjoyed watching Ruby grow. I think your little man needs a little more time on the blog hahahaha.

I'd clasify it as Vintage know how with a crafty twist.

I'm 36 years young, married three sons (that's why I like seeing the girly stuff, boy stuff gets old)

I work full time.

I enjoy the pics and stuff most, but really love all things crafty, I'm a rubber stamper and hope to re-learn to sew soon.

Elizabeth said...

i love your blog :)

1. "The crafty blog of a work at home mama." i think that this description you have is quite apt...

2. i like a mix of all of these. I do love the personal anecdotes, and photographs from your vintage shopping adventures so much though!

3. early 20's, student (studying design), single.

Jessica said...

More craft tutorials please! Those and the inspiration pics are my favorite. I am a 26 year old mom.

Anonymous said...

1. Crafty/design/personal

2. Craft tutorials and vintage

3. female, 27, married, housewifey

homesprout said...

I like that your blog is a mix, and that you don't feel the need to focus on one topic. It's one of my favorites - I'm actually not behind in my google reader! I don't think that you need to change it at all...

I just turned 30, and just got married...

Unknown said...

1. Inspirational/Personal/DIY
2. I love the mix, more of everything!!
3. 26 Grad Student, Barista in Ohio

Love your blog, keep it up!!!! :)

oldmeghale said...

1. Craft/Vintage

2. I'd love to see more craft tutorials!

3. I'm female, 28, married, artist/former teacher

hsing3kinder said...

1. How would you classify this blog? If you had to choose one category to fit it into, what would it be?
Home Inspiration!

2. Would you like to see more craft tutorials, personal family anecdotes, vintage and visual inspiration, or a good mix of all of the above? A good mix of them all, that's what I like about your blog!

3. What age group/occupation/gender/family status are you? Okay, so I just turned 40, but I'm not sure I want to claim the 40-50 category!
Sahm, married 18yrs

Anonymous said...

1. i have a big list of links on my blog under a title of 'arts, inspiration, etc.' which is where i'd put you! pretty vague though...i just don't like to categorize things! so many blogs are so versatile.

2. i honestly get annoyed seeing a zillion pictures of bloggers' kids over and over, but that's your choice if you want, and i'm sure lots of people love it! anecdotes are good though. and i love inspiration posts.

3. i'm a 21 year old female, college student, engaged & living with my fiance but not married yet!

Sandi Edgar said...

1. Home decor/crafts & more. Don't change it!

2. All of the above

3. 28, went to OBU with you :) Married, grad student. Hi! BTW I just came across your blog within the past couple of days and am loving it!! You're creativity is awesome! I'm totally doing the clipboard wall :)

Shelly said...

I love your blog. It has made me feel like I can be interesting, and enjoy hobbies, crafts..without just feeling like an old married woman. haha. I am only 36, but still. I have 2 children, am married, and work part time as a nurse. I have started back to school part time for my RN degree. I love your blog for the personal aspect of it with tidbits of your family life, but also craft tutorials. It is a wonderful mix of all great, fun, stylish, cute things.

laynemarie said...

1. I think I'd classify your blog as a crafty lifestyle blog.

2. I love your crafty tutorials *and* your anecdotes, etc... so I'd love to see a mix... or whatever flows natural to you. :)

3. I'm 27/work very full-time/female/in a domestic partnership with my cute boyfriend.

Andrew said...

- vintage/visual inspiration
- tutorials would be great!
- 30-40, graphic designer, male, partnered

Anne Thompson said...

Crafty blog! I love your tutorials, and I Loooove seeing pics of your house and decorating ideas. I'm a 29 married sahm to 2 girlies : )

Alice said...

Love your blog, I've been reading it for years!

1. I'd classify it as inspirational/crafty.

2. Probably all of the above!

3. I'm a 25 year old freelance designer/illustrator from Vancouver Canada. Married but no babies (yet!).

Jessica Rodarte said...

Have you heard enough after 195 comments? WOW! ;) Here's my entry if you're not tired of a kajillion comments.
1. I would classify your blog as *a modern, crafty mom sharing her beautiful life with the world.* Is that a category?
2. I love your craft tutorials. I also love your family anecdotes. Oh! I got it! I also love your wardrobe style. Maybe more of those? Like, random shots of you running around town with the kidlets, but doing it stylishly. I hope that makes sense.
3. I am a 27 year old stay at home crafty mom. After I graduated from college, my hubby and I opted for me to stay home with the kidlets. I have 3 daughters: 6, 4, and 9 months.
I LOVE your blog, girl.

sabrina said...


I have your blog filed under the "Crafty Blogs" folder in my favorites. I think you're definitely a crafty girl!

I love reading your blog because its bright and cheery. I found your blog at a very sad point in my life. My brother passed away in January and I needed something happy to read every day. I LOVE all the posts about your kids and hubby. You're the cutest little family!

I also love hearing about Red Velvet Art and all the upcoming classes. I was able to take the "Tell Your Story" art journaling class, and plan on taking your "Home Ec" class. I'm really excited!

I was a student when I started reading your blog. Currently, I am not in school and I plan on taking a year off to get married and have a life! I just turned 30 in April.

Hope this helps!

Lindsaygee said...

More craft tutorials!! Love the DIY angle.

20-30 crowd,
specifically 28 with a newborn :)

love your blog . love love love it. have it bookmarked and check it daily :)

classify as : crafty design blog

Emma said...

My immediate thought was 'inspirational crafty', then after pondering on why I especially love your blog, the word that came to mind was 'genuine' - you seem to have a very natural 'real' way of sharing your creativity - I like that!
I personally love the mixture of stuff on your blog.
I am 40 and live in the UK with my husband of 18 years and my 3 beautiful girls, aged 13,11 and 7 years. My current creative passion is crochet.

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