Giveaway Day: May Sponsors

It's giveaway day on Smile and Wave which means ONE HAPPY COMMENTER will win ALL OF THE GIVEAWAYS BELOW! A few of this month's sponsors are generously offering items ranging in value of $25 - $50 to a lucky Smile and Wave reader. Read through and see how you can enter to win.


"Hi, my name is Stacie and I run Gingiber, and online nursery decor shop. I love to create doodles that will appeal to both the kiddos and adults in a home! I am super excited to be giving away a $25 credit to my shop!


Giveaway: $25 shop credit

Arian Armstrong is a wife, mommy, drawer of cute things, experimental chef, crafter, and lover of all things vintage.

Giveaway: 3 prints of the winner's choice, value-$45



Hi!! Green Dandelion is a very new business set up by three sisters Lauren, Jess and Tatum to create and sell clothes, toys and accessories for children (sizes 2-12). With a love for thrifting, a majority of our pieces feature upcycled and vintages materials found on our treasure hunts.


For us the ultimate goal is to be a 100% ethical, fair trade, organic company catering for adults and children in all sizes. If you have any questions or want to work together to create a custom order, email us on info@greendandelion.com.au and together we can work something out.

Find us on our website Green Dandelion and from there you will find links to our online store, facebook and twitter.

Xxx The Green Dandelion Girls

Giveaway: $50 gift card to Green Dandelion


Hi! My name is Stephanie. I'm a small-town girl who recently moved to Los Angeles with big dreams & a zest for life! I have a blog about food, fashion and city adventures at The-Loudmouth.com and an Etsy shop that showcases my photography! I am sure one of these prints would look great in your home :)

Giveaway: Your choice of 5 prints, valued at $25.


Hello! I'm Faith, designer and creator behind OrdinaryMommy. My line includes hair accessories, jewelry, and home decor pieces full of color and soft textures; intertwined in all of my designs is a love for fun, style, and also my unique perspective! My fondest wish is that my pieces make you smile. If you open that package and there's a smile on your face, that's what really matters to me.



Giveaway: Plush Owl Door Hanger shown above. Valued at $25.00.

One winner will receive ALL of the giveaway items mentioned above!

TO ENTER TO WIN leave a comment below sharing something you love about the handmade community. Short and sweet or long and wordy! The comments will close on Monday and a winner will be announced soon after. Thank you to all the sponsors that joined in on this fun giveaway!

Also, I'm making the move over to a new blog soon. I'm MORE THAN A LITTLE excited about this space getting a fresh look! If you'd like to join Smile and Wave as a new summer sponsor check out this post for details.



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Cari said...

I love that the handmade community is beginning to be taken seriously by people outside of the community. It's a market that is always changing and is completely international thanks to the internet. It's also made up of the most welcoming, selfless people I have ever met.

Ashleigh said...

I love the handmade community because of it's personality- you'll always get something unique, made with love, and you can be different from everyone else!

What an awesome giveaway- I could sure use the help decorating our nursery!!

ronda said...

I appreciate that the handmade community is willing to show who they are by what they make. The designers don't feel the need to be "in-the box", they're willing to take a risk & I appreciate that! It's helps with my risking taking. :)

Kelly said...

I love the creativity and originality of the handmade community!!

-Kelly Elizabeth

Maren McCoy Kyle said...

I love that when you buy something in the handmade community you know it is coming from someone who loves what they are doing. You can seriously feel the warmth and positive energy coming from a lovingly made object. I don't usually believe things like that but it is just true!

laura kate said...

i love how many interesting people i have met online and in real life through crafty-type-things. also, i love how many people have talents that might not be obvious in their day-to-day jobs/careers/lives.

Kamila Szoltysek said...

The handmade community is very uplifting. There is a mutual respect among peers and people complete strangers can appreciate the hard work that went into making a product. Owning a handmade product is very special because I remember these things every time I look at or use the item. <3

Staci A said...

I love that when I buy something handmade, the creators will stand behind their products. I've always had such great interactions with sellers!

Anonymous said...

I love the personal attention of customer service in the handmade community.

Anonymous said...

I love being able to create things from basically what was nothing... crafting lets me spend the most amazing spaces of time with my family where we just talk together and all tenseness is forgotten... craftness is easiness. And I love that.
rfoster (dot) foster (at) gmail (dot) com

kayleen said...

I love how unique everything is and it's all made with such love!

Lili said...

I love how warm and welcoming it is and how open it is to everyones diffrernt idea :)

P.s love the give away

Kaitlyn said...

I love the camaraderie of the handmade community!!!

Jenna said...

I love that the handmade community is so open and willing to help others. Whether it be advice, tutorial sharing, whatever.. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside :) Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

Unknown said...

I love how the handmade community is always growing and sharing. Everyone is so encouraging and helpful! There's nothing like it!

r said...

Buying handmade lets me know I'm helping some crafty person achieve a worthy dream of theirs, whether it be making a little money on the side or even being able to do what they love as a full time job.

Bindi said...

Rach - you are so incredibly generous - thank you!!

My FAVE thing about handmade is that it's like an anti-depressant pill :) You feel so great when you make something, and when you buy handmade, its like starting a new friendship. Each new piece gives you a smile on the inside because they have someone else's heart attached to them.

Hope everyone has a great week!
luv bindi

yesen said...

I love that the handmade community has really grown in the past years... speaking to everyone and inspiring innovation and true beauty we couldn't have imagined!

Jordan said...

The handmade community is very original, supportive, creative and they just have a good idea of fun!
thanks! =)

Anonymous said...

I love the way crafters support each other! I'm forever inspired by the blogs and etsy shops of so many independent artists!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous give-away! I love everything about the handmade community, but mostly that it is so supportive, encouraging & caring.
Katie of

Anonymous said...

I love that when you buy handmade you know you are supporting a local artist, and you are getting something completely unique and often way more cute than what you can find in stores. I also love that handmade often reduces, reuses and recycles.

Anonymous said...

I love buying handmade because you get to support local artists and also the stuff is usually way cuter than what you can get in stores. Also, many of the items are made with a reduce, reuse and recycle mentality.

Karisse said...

I love that whatever you get from the 'handmade community' is unique! I love that when I purchase something handmade I'm helping a person, not a store. And making it myself is just so fun! :)

rachel said...

i love the real sense of pride in the handmade community. you're buying things that someone was proud to make and that makes you proud to wear them!
- rachel

becca said...

I love the handmade community for the time and effort they put into something that sometimes could easily be bought in a store. Much more meaningful when created by hands than by a machine.

Amber said...

I pretty much love everything about the handmade community. From the fact that everything is one of a kind to the amount of love and dedication put into everything that is made. Theres no other way I would rather spend my money.

TAITx3 said...


Carla said...

I love the handmade community because it gives people a forum to share what used to be largely a solo activity. Now when I am crafting or looking for inspiration, I know that I can look to a whole slew of people for inspiration, help, and positivity!

Unknown said...

LOVE the deer notebook! Thank you for the chance!

goldlionaz said...

What I love about the handmade community: crafters are genuinue and lovely. They look at everyday items with an optimistic view, seeing the potential in everything.

kate said...

I love the connections I see people make.

killercurls said...

I love that everything handmade is unique and there isn't another like it! You can also see the love that goes into handmade items! <3

lovely*retro*house said...

I love the creativity I find in the handmade community. I am juggling a lot in my life right now, and viewing the creative work of others really gives me hope and something (better) to strive for in terms of quality of life and enjoying ones family. I have seen so many inspiring thinkers that are also great mothers and nurturers, it makes me proud to know there are women out there who succeed outside of the daily grind of the corporate world. As cheesy as it sounds, It brings warmth to my heart.

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