Wednesday Was...


Way too tired to do any real thinking just now. So, here are some pics from Country Living Magazine that made it to my inspiration wall this weekend. Christmas decorations are being gathered at our house. I couldn't wait any longer to enjoy the white Christmas lights so I hung some in Sebastian's room yesterday. They're getting us through the gray days we've had this week.

On Thursday, I plan to:

* Write back to Amber
* Organize deadlines for the next three months
* Research patterns for a special project
* Do the dishes and laundry
* Take Sebastian on a long walk
* Sew another door snake to keep the drafts out
* Ship out PonyParty orders
* Shower
* Finish rearranging Sebastian's room
* Watch an episode of Mad Men with Brett before we crash and start all over again on Friday

Wish me luck!

-p.s. Have you seen the Anthro catalogue yet? They get it right every single time.


i'm Carrie, lovely to meet you… said...

Hi Rachel... i sure hope that you get some good rest! i am going through the two magazines i just got in the mailbox today (yay, love that!) and since i've been in training, going to do a similar post since i've already dog-ear'd the pages that will be hitting the inspiration files.

your Thursday list inspired me to do one of my own....

- finish the dishes & do the laundry (yep, me too)
- send note of apology to my friend Melanie
- learn how to make a door snake!!! i keep the two spare bedrooms closed during the winter but there is a good 1 inch gap below each so the cool air from those rooms just pours out into the rest of the house... never, ever thought of a door snake! but that's why i come here, for inspiration and lovely things and sure enough, i got it again today.

good luck on your list! hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

You're so inspiring and I have no doubt that it must be tough to have such a "public" life when life doesn't feel good.
I just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing soul and that soul is valued and will be taken care of.
Thanks for being awesome. :)

RachelDenbow said...

Thanks, Jenna and Carrie.

Those words mean a lot!

sara berry said...

Oh, ♥ the inspiring photos...Hunt has some of those 'ruler rulers'! I hope you'll keep putting up Christmas pretties b/c I am still packing away Halloween decorations and I need a good kick in the holiday spirit!
Here's to a happy Thursday...my Wednesday was kinda lame, too.

l e a h said...

Wishing you a lovely Thursday!

I cut up a 2005 Anthro catalogue and made a birthday card out of it for my husband a few years back. Maybe I'll do the same this year.

Thanks for your everlasting inspiration.

~wenhether~ said...

Those pictures are yummy!!! I really want to skip right to christmas decorations right now too! Can't wait!!!!

Good luck with your list!

Charin said...

I hope the rest of your week is lots better sweet girl! :)
Love those Christmas pics, yummmm!

Amber Ulmer said...

rachel, oh dear. im sorry wed was rough... take care. rest. and those photos from country living... so lovely. i wish i could have white paneling in my house... it's so charming! can't believe xmas is right around the corner! Ill be chatting w/you today then... hehe sorry if im anxious on josie's quilt! :}

Brett said...

The dishes are finished, pretty woman.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Tomorrow's Friday. And omg, I LOVE Mad Men and cannot wait for the next season.


Margaret said...

I saw the cover of the country living magazine while I was in line a the grocery store and fell in love with the tree on the cover! Beautiful pictures! Happy Thursday!

Di said...

ooh a door snake- i need one of those. it would be great to see yours and get instructions!!?? :)

Tess said...

Ohh, I love that last picture, the napkins hanging on the clothes line on the wall. Soooo pretty. That 1st pic is a real treasure too but I am so not ready for the holiday season. I hope you are on track on your Thursday list. I had a 4 day weekend (cost me 1 vacation day) over the Veterans Day Holiday and made a to do list with 12 items on it. I got all but 2 done, pretty sweet if you ask me. Have a good one!!

mandi said...

Oh, I love the poinsetta wreath in the white frame etc. Thanks for sharing!

katie said...

rough and gray is a hard place to be, here's hoping for some smoother and brighter days for you. :)

Michelle said...

Happy to-do listing! :) Lovely Christmas decor photos, too...yum, yum! It has my wheels-a-churnin! Happy day to you!

photography4me said...

Hello Rachel, Love the pics. I wanted to let you know if you haven't already noticed but I finished my RVKC quilt tutorial, plus I mad a rag quilt. You can see it on my blog.

Hope your Thursday went well.

Elaine said...

WOW! I need this magazine! i skim over it sometimes but this is just SO AMAZING! i love the white and the colors and everything. nicely chosen. :]

Marie said...

ack those pics made me want christmas here even more!!! Dont work yourself to hard my lovely!

Lauren Z said...

mmm.... just got my copy of CL in this afternoons mail- it is SO tasty! I read the whole thing in one sitting and went back for more. I am so excited to start planning for Christmas, and our first ever Chirstmas Party :)

(sigh) I just love the holidays (even if it WAS 89 out today here in CA!)

Anonymous said...

Sending you hugs Rachel, and lots of restful good wishes :)

Karen xx

Rachel said...

Great inspiration photos! I just stumbled upon your blog and think it's wonderful!

Katie said...

OMG! I got my anthro catalog the other day... swoon!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!

Melonie said...

(((HUGS)))) to you.

sarah said...

awwww, those pictures are making me want to decorate for christmas already!! :)