Firehouse Pottery Fundraiser Tonight

Just a reminder that we'll be at Firehouse Potttery from 6-8 p.m. tonight making pretty things and helping the Shattos raise money to finalize their adoption. Let me just tell you that Sebastian and I went a year and a half ago for fun and made ornaments for all of our family members and got half of our handmade Christmas presents knocked off the list in an afternoon.

We're off on a little adventure for now and then back tonight for some pottery painting fun!!!



Rachel Kay said...

ooh, I love the colored rolls of tape in the photo! The whole space looks so lovely!

Have fun at the fundraiser!

hollysarah said...

that sounds like a great time!! have fun.
I love that photo, the colors of your washi tape are sooo pretty.

miss indie said...

ohmygosh I used to work there! probably my most favorite [outside] job ever.
I hope the fundraiser went great!

DalenaVintage said...

Sounds like fun! Is that your workspace? So nice and organized!

Hunter and Hannah said...
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chandler. said...

this is totally off topic but i was wondering...
where do you buy your polaroid film?
the website i was buying mine from is out. of. stock.