Vintage Here, Vintage There: Misha Lulu and Vintage

A New Collaboration
It's been a little bit since I've posted VH,VT in this space as most of my attention has gone to writing Style Your Space these last two weeks and this week it's just Ruby girl because I have been either dressed to impress and without a picture taker around or not feeling it. However, I plan on taking care of that this week and the next with a few dresses that deserve a little attention!

She Likes to Smell the Flowers
We've recently had a stretch of warm weather and spruced up our porch a bit! Whenever we're not eating or reading she is signing, "Go outside!" We usually end up on the front porch where we can water the flowers or play with our new stray kitty friend but since Ruby was wearing her new Misha Lulu tank we decided to go on safari in the wild backyard.

On Safari
Ruby had her pink, vintage moccasins on for such an occasion. It's easier to sneak up on unsuspecting tigers if you're quiet.

We picked Violets and smelled them.

Letting Her Tiger Have a Sniff
Ruby thought her tiger might want to smell them, too!

My Favorite New Photo of Her
Ruby's wearing: Misha Lulu tank. Pants, Target. Moccasins, vintage/thrifted.

I can't wait to share more from Misha Lulu's newest collections! Let's just say there's a fantastic giveaway involved and if you've ever been on the fence about getting a special piece or two from her line, you won't regret it. The clothes are so well made, bright and colorful, and versatile enough to work with the rest of your daughter's wardrobe. I'm a big fan!!

Head over to Rubyellen's blog to see how she dressed her girls and check out her own beautiful ensemble! That lady knows how to make pregnant look good! We're covering vintage Easter dresses next week because there are SOOO many beautiful little frocks out there that need some good homes.



Lesley said...

i hope my little girl will love the camera as much as ruby does! she is such a doll!

RachelDenbow said...

Thanks, Lesley! Start her young and she'll just think it's another appendage, right? ;)

Shoshonee said...

Adorable pictures. I just love the one where she's making her tiger smell the flowers. Such a great imagination!

Anonymous said...

That is so incredibly sweet, her letting her tiger smell the flower too!

The signing thing intrigued me - I've heard of that before. How many things can she sign, and how did you teach her to do that?

Hollie Joy In The Morning said...

CUTE!! thanks for the sweet pics!
ps...love the vintage moccasins!

Misha Lulu said...

Soo sweet! Ruby is the cutest!

thursday said...

This is so sweet! Is Ruby totally fascinated by flowers? They're a whole new thing for Georgia. It takes quite a while to get her to walk past those small patches of spring flowers. I love it!

Unknown said...

Oh my, Ruby is just the cutest ever, love that she had her tiger smell the violet too!!!